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8 Keys To Choose Better Gift | Make Your Gifts Meaningful With These Tips

8 keys to give better gifts

With Christmas comes the time to buy gifts for all our loved ones. And although sometimes it is very easy to choose a gift, other times we panic and end up buying anything after standing in a crowded warehouse, as colloquially says, "To get out of the way".

The result? You spend a lot of money on something that the person will end up throwing or filing in the depths of your closet.

To make your gifts truly meaningful and appreciated, take note of these tips.
  1. Think of the person. It sounds obvious, but a frequent mistake when we give gifts is to think about what we would like to receive and not about the person to whom we are giving away. Take into account your tastes and needs. Search their social networks for clues about their interests and hobbies.
  2. Plan ahead. Avoid full stores a day before Christmas, because the eagerness to have a gift will end up making you buy anything impulsively. Write down the gift options you have for that person, as well as your budget.
This is a particularly important tip for people who usually buy online, because sometimes orders may be delayed. 
  1. Listen and write down .The best gifts are those that show an effort to know the wishes and interests of a person. When you hear someone talk about something they like or need or want to have, write it down and keep it in mind when you go to give them something.
  2. Personalize your gifts. Avoid the classic gift paper and change it for papers that you can design and intervene. Change the stickers by handwritten cards with your letter. You will give your gifts a different touch and the person will know that you dedicated time and effort to them.
  3. Give back experiences. Not all gifts must be objects. A day of spa, a dinner, a day of paintball, a cooking course or any activity that the person likes and that allows you to enjoy a different day, can be good alternatives to traditional gifts and will also be very well received. .
  4. Ask for help. Surely it has happened to you that you see a gift but you are not completely sure if it will be well received. Do not be afraid to ask friends, relatives or acquaintances of that person, it is very likely that they give you good clues about whether you are choosing your gift well.
  5. Weapon gift kits. A good gift can be made up of several small gifts. Example: you can assemble a kit of implements and sauces for someone who loves cooking, markers and paintings for someone who makes crafts, or several movies and a bowl of crisps for someone who loves cinema.
Here the important thing is that you put creativity when it comes to presenting it and take into account the tastes and needs of that person.
  1. Question. If you definitely have no idea what to buy but want to have a good gesture with someone, do not be afraid to ask them what they want or what they need. You may not be surprised, but at least you will give a detail that will be useful, you will like it and it will not end up in the garbage.
Another good option is gift vouchers. While there are those who consider them a bit impersonal, they are an alternative when you do not know well who you are going to give as a present.
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