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MotoGp Marquez Vs Rossi

The legendary feud is the culmination of what historians say ' the contest of  titans'.

With the apparent roots of this clash starting from Sepang 2015, both the Europeans have involved themselves into the embroilment of emotions.

Nine time MotoGP Grand Prix champion Valentino Rossi accused Spanish Marc Marquez of 'thinking like a child' and plotting against him to help his compatriot Jorge Lorenzo win. Marquez defended himself by saying that he is just competing like all the riders. Came the final grand Prix and all hell broke loose when Rossi lost to Lorenzo while bashing Marquez for being ' the body guard'. 

What goes around comes around. Justin Timberlake said it again and again with gorgeous Scarlett Johansen by his side. It did but Rossi was again at the receiving end.

With the motorcycling community divided en mass, the question is not about their rivalry but the legacy that has brimmed great moments at great profits.

It is similar to all other sports that always gain monumental fanfare with staggering moments that also have dark undertones. Like the Borg-McEnroe rivalry.

It well documented on how much they both hated the guts of each other. If you missed the classic tapes, you can surely watch 'Borg vs McEnroe.

This rivalry unprecedentedly soared the popularity of the sport and created en mass fan following for both the tennis legends. Its safe to say that these consistent rivalries brought people out of their own visuals and glue them to their Television set,

The idea that comes to the fore is the basic involvement of all the present forces of sporting nature. Simple and steady, if both Rossi and Marquez will fight out in the next motogp, it will create sparks of excitements and anticipation. The journalists will have a field day while the social media in explode into madness. And amidst everything, the true winner will always be – MotoGP.

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