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4 Badass Female Attorneys Who Have Made Waves

In the legal world, there are several male-dominated areas and only a low percentage of attorneys are female.

Regardless of the fact that there are not enough women in the legal field, the ones that are practicing law are absolutely killing it! They are changing history, breaking stereotypes, making a mark with their involvement and not at all apologetic for doing so.

Regardless of diversity in the legal field, albeit gradually increasing, we’ve got a handful of undeniably inspiring females who’re both aspiring attorneys and women in general. Following their fearlessness, success, determination and commitment towards work will surely instigate those who wish to take up law as a career.

So, pay attention to these women and start taking notes now!

Kelly Ayotte (US)

Graduated from Villanova University School of Law, Kelly Ayotte has worked as a Republican U.S Senator for 6 years (2011-2017) from New Hampshire. Of all the 20 women senators in the Republican Party, Ayotte was the second youngest.

In the year 2004, she became the only female to work as New Hampshire’s Attorney General. After her resignation in 2009, she pursued a bid for U.S Senate and ended up winning it. Later in 2013, Ayotte was ranked #1 amongst the 25 most prominent women by Newsmax magazine.

Following Ayotte’s loss for re-election in the year 2016, President Donald Trump selected her to escort the White House team accompanying Supreme Court contender Judge Neil Gorsuch to meetings and conferences on Capitol Hill.

Baroness Brenda Hale (UK)

Born in the year 1945 in Yorkshire, Hale attended Girton College, Cambridge to pursue law where she balanced her academics along with legal practise by working part-time. She was the topper in her class and achieved a starred first. In 1969, Hale was called to the Bar by Gray’s Inn and later in 1984 she was named as the youngest female to be chosen for the Law Commission.

Hale joined as the professor of law at the University of Manchester in 1986 and later in 1989, she became a QC. Not to mention, she was also ranked as the 2nd woman in history to be selected as the Court of Appeal.

In 2004, Hale became the 1st woman who was chosen for the position of Lord of Appeal in Ordinary and in 2013 for Deputy President of the Supreme Court of the UK. She has had an amazing academic, judicial and legal career. Similar to most of her colleagues, Hale has been vocal about lack of variety, in all manners, in the legal world.

Kellyanne Conway (US)

Pursued law from George Washington University Law School, Conway has played a massive role in the 2016 election, not only as a Senior Advisor but also as an ultimate Campaign Manager for the Donald Trump campaign.

She was the first ever women to effectively run a presidential movement and is presently working as a Counsellor for the President. Before serving for the Trump campaign, Conway found her own polling company, served for several traditional political figures and came out as a critic on political and polling scene.

Gareth Peirce (UK)

Born in 1940, Peirce has done her schooling from London School of Economics and graduated from Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Oxford University. She is an attorney and was appointed for the Roll of Solicitors in the year 1978.

For someone who’s inherently private and shies away from spotlight, Pierce’s name is identical to civil rights and is known as the champ of the underdog. She rather motivates the light to shine bright on tough and controversial issues which her case usually entails.

Though Pierce has smoothly stayed away from public celebrity, her case history normally involves some of the biggest instances of miscarriages of justice that have altered the legal history in itself.

These female lawyers mentioned above are undeniably remarkable. They’re from all across the globe and incredible players on the international platform. These female are no shrivelling violets; in fact they’re blazing, out-spoken, fervent and resilient towards their work.

Well, each one of them uses their power and knowledge to fight for what they believe in! So, what do you want to fight for?
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