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Advantages of Psychological Testing In Industry

The non-native psychological tests should not be expected to give the same good results in India, unless they are adapted carefully to our own situations. This problem becomes all the more acute in case of tests that are not culturally free or which make liberal use of language.

However, there are many culture free tests which can be used in our country by developing our own local norms. An appropriate and adequate testing program can be a great boon to any industrial organization,particularly in cases of selection placement promotions and transfer of workers.

  • Objective Method of Personnel Appraisal: The distinguishing characteristic of a sound test is that it is an objective and standardized behaviour sample which lends itself to statistical evaluation. Broadly speaking, it is easier to determine the value of a test as a selection device,than it is possible to evaluate interview or application blanks. Also tests are subject to minimum subjective bias, or are much more objective than any other selection device presently available. Tests also provide a uniform basis for comparing candidates from diverse backgrounds. They challenge the supervisors or interviewers to think through their evaluation more carefully.
  • Low Costs: In most cases, the costs of giving tests are not particularly high compared to those involved in interview. This is especially true of paper pencil tests, which could be given to a large number of people simultaneously and can be also scored with equal ease. Screening with testing can also reduce the interviewing time and number of applicants substantially. The costs are also lowered indirectly with the introduction of testing.
  • Selection: The greatest advantage of the psychological and psychometric test lies in that it can improve the selection process to a considerable extent. In modern industrial organization, the problem of selection becomes awesome for the simple reason that hundreds of workers have to be hired, trained and placed in appropriate jobs; the process is continuous in the sense new persons have to be continually selected to meet the requirements of the organization or to fill in the places of those who leave.Testing strikes at the very root of this problem by minimizing the time of selection; it can also be judiciously used in training the workers for appropriate positions by determining their trainability on the basis of test scores. Because of its excellent potential as a sound device of selection it can also reduce the costs of training to a very great extent. For any employer in modern competitive industry,it comes as aboon. For this,however, the testing program must be adequate and sound and tailored to the needs of the organization.
Psychological tests are also of great use in the selection of experienced applicants. In many cases they serve as the only good check on the possibly exaggerated claims by an applicant and cut him to proper size. Many persons manage well in faking application form and interview but faking becomes a tricky proposition when psychological tests are used because faking a psychological test is difficult.
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