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Business eway bill registration process under GST

The person who is responsible for conveyance of goods consignment of value more than Rs.50,000 is to carry a document, except for certain cases.

Step by step guide to register for eway bill under GST in e way bill portal

Some cases not requiring eway bill although good value is over Rs.50,000:

Transportation of specified goods according to 2017 CGST Rules.
Transportation of goods from airport, land custom station, air cargo complex or airport to container freight station or inland container depot for custom clearance.
Transportation mode being non-motor vehicle

When is the eway bill system applicable?

From January 16, 2018 many states have started eway bill system on trial basis. Trail roll-out facilities can be opted by transporters and traders.
It is from April 1, 2018 that inter-state goods movement will require on compulsory basis.
Timings to implement eway bill for good intra-state movement can be fixed each individual state on any of the dates prior to June 1, 2018.

Who has to enrol and register with the eway bills system?

Registration on eway bill system is mandatory by the concerned stakeholders. They are as follows:


How to enrol and register with the eway bills system?

For registered tax payers:

GSTIN registered mobile number
GSTIN number
Username is to have 8-15 characters and in combination of numeric, special characters and alphabets.
Minimum 8 character password and combination of numbers and alphabets. Also can include special characters.

Registration procedure for the registered tax payers:

Visit nic.in
First time tax payer is to click upon ‘E-way bill registration’ for registering.
Then enter GSTIN number and click ‘Go’ button to submit.
A screen appears having the trade name, applicant’s name, mobile number and address which are auto populated. To get OTP on registered mobile, click on ‘send OTP’. On receiving OTP, enter the same in the system for verification purpose and validate.
Once OTP is verified, user is to provide desired User Name or User ID that will be used in the future for account operation on the portal. Username is to be around 8-15 characters and have combination of special characters, numbers and alphabet. The user needs to provide unique username.
On approval of user name, password of choice is to be provided and contain at least 8 characters with combination of numbers, alphabets and special characters. Password used in the portal is case sensitive.
Then entered details will be validated by the system and pop message will appear if there occurs any error.

This registered user name and password will be used by the tax payer to generate eway bills.

Forgot password

In case, password is forgotten, then it is possible to generate a new one. Click on ‘Forgot Password’ and enter user name, state, GSTIN number, principal business place pin code as well as registered mobile number. On clicking submit, new one-time password will be sent to the registered mobile via SMS. This new password can be used for logging onto the password and also changed for future use.
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