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Real estate economics is progressing day by day. The total value of real estate in 2015 was estimated at 153tn pounds. This value is 12 times the US GDP and 21 times China’s GDP. However, this figure includes every property that there is in the universe which means it includes commercial and residential property as well as forestry and agricultural land.

This virtually means that the world owns real estates that are even 3 times the total annual income. According to an estimate, it is said that this business is worth 38 times more than the value of gold ever mined till today. This does not include commercial properties such as shops, workshops and other small business setups.

With so much in favor of real estate, it should be mentioned that it is not compulsory that if buy a property in some part of the world than it will worth the same in other parts as well. There are some real estate markets that are worth the best in the world now, for example, a desert surrounded state of UAE and Sharjah are considered as the pioneer of the world real estates. Another such a place is Virginia Water in Surrey. That is probably the only town outside London where the average price of a house is estimated to have exceeded 1miliion pounds. There are a lot of opportunities to buy property in Virginia Water. It is not compulsory to buy you can also put your property rent in Virginia water.

This worth is justified by its stunning lake views. But the property to buy in Virginia Water are getting out of the hands of the public due to increasing rates of the property. The town is estimated to have almost about 3,000 residents but it also has some of the most expensive housing in all of the United Kingdom according to a property website. Prices have increased 6% in Virginia Water which now has an average price of 1.03 million pounds and it is supposed to be 200,000 pounds more than the second-ranked place in the list of highly expensive housings.

However, the most expensive street remains Kensington Palace Gardens with an average price of 36 million pounds. The road that is near this palace and is close to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s home is nicknamed as the Boulevard of Billionaires. Martin Ellis, the housing economist at the Halifax Bank, said: ‘In London when you are talking about real prime areas, it’s foreign buyers who have been coming in and looking to invest. They see it as a haven. But places like Virginia Water are prosperous areas too.’

In addition to this, Virginia Water’s prestigious Wentworth Golf Club hosts a PGA tournament every year. Another charming fact about this place is that Virginia Water has managed to maintain its village atmosphere despite the influx of wealth into the town. Due to this hype, the houses that are not supposed to worth millions are worth millions.
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