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Complete Overview About The Benefits Of EHIC Scheme

In the year 2006, the European Health Insurance Card replaced the infamous E11 scheme. This card lets you receive quality medical care free of cost or at reduced costs in the European region. There are at present 28 member nations of the EHIC program.

The sole motive of this card is to establish an individual in a foreign land (EHIC member nations) fell ill or met with an accident; don’t have to travel back to the homeland for medical treatment. Instead, he or she will get the best medical care there itself at predefined lower prices.

Important Things To Know About EHIC

The EHIC is no alternative to travel authorisation; it is just an add-on benefit you can avail just by having a card, this EHIC card doesn’t cover private medical institutions. So, before you or anyone in your family get admitted, make sure your EHIC card is applicable there or not.

In case you are travelling to any member country solely for medical care, then you don’t get the benefit of the EHIC card. This card is applicable only for out-of-blues medical treatment requirement.
One important thing to know about the European Health Insurance Card is that it doesn’t guarantee free of cost medical treatment, but it is assured that you get access to finest medical care at lower prices.

 How To Obtain The EHIC Card?

You can obtain the EHIC card from a healthcare institution where you are insured.  This will not take much time to get your card approved by providing your personal details.

First of all, the basic requirement of the EHIC card is that you need to be covered by your homeland’s social security scheme. Each member of your family needs to have his or her own card to get the best care at reduced prices. Now, if you belong to a non-European nation, and residing in any member nation of EHIC, you can still get the benefits of the EHIC card. For this, you need to enrol in a local healthcare program.

How Long The EHIC Card Valid For?

Well, this solely depends on your homeland nation, therefore, it is best to talk to your local authority or complete information on this or any other doubt. This card will cover all your medical expenses until you return back home.

How To Use This Card Renewed?

The procedure to get your EHIC card renewed is quite simple, all you require is go online and file the EHIC renewal form, this won’t take much of your time.

Third Party Application Processor

Well, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, we don’t enough time to do paperwork, but, there are non-official agents ready to file the application on your behalf and get it approved. This will ensure you stay clear of all hassles that come with EHIC card application. All they need is your personal details.

At the end of it all, from the above you probably come to know everything about EHIC and how it works for your benefit.
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