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How EHIC Renewal Is A Trouble-Free Travel To Europe

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that a travel insurance is extremely important for individuals travelling abroad. This goes especially for people who cannot afford to spend a huge amount of money in meeting unforeseen problems. The European Health Card used as a companion with your travel insurance particularly safeguards you by covering the medical expenses that you need to bear if you face any problems while travelling to any of the European countries. Being completely new to EHIC means getting it as soon as possible. However, the ones who already have it should make it a point to go for EHIC renewal every five years.

What Is European Health Insurance Card?
The very first thing and the most important thing that needs to be understood about EHIC is that it is in no ways an alternative or replacement to family travel insurance. It is basically a card granting travellers certain healthcare advantages in the whole European Union. The card provides effective coverage for more than 32 European countries. It is one of the most useful additions to the travel insurance plans of people especially when they meet with accidents or fall sick while travelling to Europe. Individuals with the EHIC are entitled to similar medical care benefits available to the regular residents of the host country.
EHIC Coverage And Its Application Procedure
Should you require medical care while travelling to Europe, your EHIC allows you to get discounted or free treatment at GPs and state-run medical care units and hospitals in any European country. While free treatment is available in most cases, there are times when you would have to make some payments. The EHIC comes as a reciprocal contract across all the European countries. This means that the citizens of any of the European countries visiting the United Kingdom can exchange use the NHS in a similar manner.
With a validity of five years, the EHIC is extremely beneficial in times of medical emergencies. The scheme covers all UK residents except the ones from Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. However, it is to be noted that this card is not a magical wand offering free medical care and it must never be used in place of travel insurance. EHIC renewal is extremely important for people who expect to get the benefits of this card or the ones who have already used it in the past during their stay in Europe.
The Importance Of Renewing Your EHIC
It is being predicted that around 5.4 million European health cards will be expiring in the near future. Therefore, it is important for you to check whether your card is valid prior to jet off to your favourite European hotspot. The only thing that you need to do is check the expiry date of your card available on the bottom right. In case your card has expired, go for EHIC renewal by visiting the official EHIC website or by giving them a call. Applications for new EHIC cards can be made up to around six months prior to the expiry of the current card.
Avoiding the renewal of your EHIC card might put you at the risk of incurring huge medical bills while you are on a holiday to a beautiful European country.

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