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Impact Of PET CT Scan In Modern Medical Technology

CT scan is one of the most common detection process made with the advancement of medical technology. It also helps in the follow-up process of every tumor formation in the body so that doctors can understand if a medication that they offer is working on control of tumor. Thus it holds a high amount of importance among the cancer patients because recovery process needs to be proper. Right now there are different advancements made in medical studies so that the scanning process can be easier. Clear visibility can help in the detection process as well which is the chief function of CT scan machine.

Impact Of PET CT Scan Among Patients

Among all patients suffering from major health issues like cancer, heart problems and brain disorders and problems in CNS. As a part of the treatment procedure and understanding the vital signs of the body the PET scan is used. Even the smallest of measurements like detection of oxygen used by the body, glucose level in the body and also the flow of blood in the body. Since the process acts with the use of Positron emission, even the smallest vital elements of the body can easily be measured. Many patients now go for pet ct scan in Chennai just to make sure that they get detected with disorders faster.

The impact of this scanning procedure when compared to other tests is enormous, considering the fact that every small detail inside the body gets detected. In an old type of CT scan imaging, there were fewer chances of understanding smaller organs and it was difficult to detect smallest tumors. This process of PET not only can show those clearly but can also detect some early changes in cell condition, so that the cancerous condition of the cells can be controlled from the first stages.

There are some ways in which one should prepare their body to go for a PET scan so that all those patients can get something more than CT scan reports because a combination of both reports can be perfect detection. Every single aspect of this detection process involves properly following the ways in which one can keep themselves safe from any risks that are involved in PET process. Certain things like doing strain causing exercise should be stopped a few days before going for PET scan. People should also try controlling their daily diet as given by nutritionists.

There are some special characteristics of the diet so that the PET results are not problematic. This is why getting a non-sugar and low-carbohydrate diet can be very effective as PET scan can directly detect the amount of glucose present in the body. Even on the day of PET scan the best thing patients should do is to go for fasting. Fasting can be the best possible solution. There are numerous ct scan centres in Chennai that helps patients with the PET scan.


Patients must have a basic idea about the medical process they need to go through. This helps them get it done properly without any possible risk to health.

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