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Pharmacy mall and infertility treatments

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is becoming one of the major problems in the infertility of women. About a decade ago not so many will be familiar with this syndrome but today almost a third of the population is affected by the PCOS. This syndrome not only affects the person’s health but also affects the mental health too. Pharmacy Mall has all the medicines for this PCOS problem and even other health problems too.

Infertility is one of the subjects which is still frowned upon by all the people. Though the culprit is hormone the whole body and the mind have to suffer for it. Infertility is like any other disease it can affect both males as well as female.

The cause of infertility varies from lifestyle to that of unknown reasons. Still, a lot of research and experiments are going on all around the world. A lot of treatments have been discovered but still, there is no cure for such problems. One best solution will be to have a Healthy Lifestyle.

The treatment for the PCOS includes medicine to even surgical procedures. Based on the severity of the condition the treatments are also be decided. Most of us will be familiar with the terms,

  • IUI treatment and
  • IVF treatment.

IUI treatment:-
When the natural way of conceiving in out of option most of the doctors will suggest going for this IUI treatment. To explain it in a simpler way the sperms will be injected into the ovary and the rest is left to the God's hand. This treatment is similar to that of the natural way of conceiving.

IVF treatment:-
This is one of the most famous and widely practiced treatments in infertility. Most of us will be aware of this treatment as test tube babies. To make it simple IVF treatment is something in which an embryo is made under lab condition and injected into the womb.

Apart from these treatments, there are also counseling conducted by the doctors to remove any fears or misunderstanding about the conception process. Again there are cases which only requires a pinch of medicine to conceive. It only depends on the body condition and their lifestyle.  There are also medicines and supplements for this type of conditions. One can use pharmacy Mall to buy all kinds of medicines and kits. These pharmacy malls are available online for the convenience of the patients.
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