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Varieties Of Banarasi Sarees That You Don’t Know

We all know the fame and beauty of the Banarasi sarees and its benefits are not unknown by the fashion pro women. This traditional saree of India has found a way to the wardrobe of millennial as well. The fashion of latest women sarees or Banarasi patterns and fabrics are famous all around the world and thus Paris Fashion Week has also included and showed the beauty of Banarasi fabric in its show or ramp. It is popular due to:

  • Its amazing sheen and undying shine
  • Delicate weaves yet stay for long years
  • Great for any occasion as they are available in light and heavy works and fabrics
  • Can be draped with simple terracotta jewellery as well as a gold jewellery set
  • Lots of variety in Banarsi that takes the attention of every fashionista

The traditional of this saree came during the initial stage of Mughal era when Muslim artisans and craftsman chose Banaras to showcase their utmost craftsmanship. They blended their culture and ubiquity of silk into these Banarasi sarees. Now, you can buy Banarasi sarees online and find many of their varieties such as pure silk (Katan), Shattir, Organza (Kora) and etc. Let’s discuss a more about the mysterious beauty of Banarasi sarees to understand it better.

Fabric Types Available InBanarasi sarees:


Katan is the plain woven fabric with silk threads and the sarees using this are now produced using rapid looms and power looms. In previous times, they were mostly weaved in handlooms to bring out most beautiful and genuine patterns and motifs.

Organza with Zari and silk

Organza or brocades are the most popular and beautiful woven fabric available in this genre. In this case, the patterns are created using different designs through warp and weft. The silver threads coated with gold are then closely woven around a silk yarn to create zari brocade.


Most light and simple to manage, georgette fabric Banarasi sarees are made of crepe yarn where S twisted and Z twisted yarns are interwoven. They are latest women sarees, popular among the young generation and celebrities.


It is used in creating the most customised, designer and exclusive or contemporary designs of Banaras sarees.

Variety Of designs:


They possess the most colourful silk threads and definitely crafted exclusively to make your peers envious. It derived its name from the pattern of design which makes it stand apart from other designs of Banarasi sarees. The intricate Jangala patterns are presented with Jangala vegetation motifs that you can spot across the length of the saree. Apt for wedding ceremonies and artistic events, they are the one that takes every heartbeat of a fashion pro.


They showcase beautiful ‘Jamawar’ style paisleys with zari work. They are woven with the help of colourful weft silk yarns and the pallu is intricately decorated with large motifs of paisleys and criss-cross patterns.

Cut Work Saree

If you are running out of the budget, you can opt for this affordable range of Banarasi latest women sarees which are prepared by cutwork technique on plain texture. The most popular cut work patterns in these designer sarees are jasmine, marigold flowers, creepers and leaves.

Tissue Sarees

Buy Banarasi sarees online and walk the extra mile to take care of them as they are literally so delicate. One of those delicate Banarasi sarees is tissue sarees that are intricately woven with golden zari weft. Most popular designs are a golden zari woven lotus, which is quite adorned by the fairer sex. 

Butidar Sarees

They are richly woven by the artisans with gold, silver and silk threads which also make them a little bit expensive in this genre. Some of the popular motifs are Ashrafi Butti, Angoor Bail, LatiffaButti, JhummarButti, ReshamButti and etc.
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