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5 Small Steps to Draw Media Attention to Your Book Marketing Campaign

Authors needs as much attention of the media for their books as a business man would need while introducing a new product in the market. But unfortunately, not all authors are able to gain the media attention and requires assistance to do so. Although the task has become comparatively easy because of the emergence of the digital and social media but NewswireNEXT (https://newswirenext.com/) has shortlisted some points that will save the time and effort of the authors and will help them to gain the media attention effectively.

Draw a flexible marketing plan:

We hope that you know the preps of gaining the media attention as you have to make a list of the associated journalists and media agencies with which you will be going to deal in future. This list will include the name of the relevant media contacts, reporters, producers, editors and those who can be interested in your book publication. This list will help you in crafting plan that you will imply for the publication of your book. The first step is very important in this matter as it will decide the method that you will choose for promotion and the results that you will eventually get because of the method.

Create a press kit:

The second step is to create a press kit and this press kit will then help you to share the information about you and your book efficiently with all the people. You can include your professional headshots, a well thought out bio, contact data, answers to potential interviewer’s questions, cover image of your book, sell list, simple chapter in a PDF format, reviews, press releases and book trailers in this press kit. It is not compulsory to include all these things in the press kit but you should keep up with the quality of the press kit.

Create Email templates for all occasions:

You are going to send a lot of emails to the reporters, people and relevant media agencies and that is why it is important for you to create email templates for all different occasions. It is advised to create as many templates as possible and make sure that the tone of the templates is friendly and respectful. It should provide the reader with the reason and should not be filled with a lot of text. You can send these emails to the reporters and can follow up once or twice but not more than that. You are required to establish relationships with the reporters and spamming their inbox with the emails will not help you to do that.

Prepare for interviews:

You can start preparing yourself for the interview as soon as you are going to start the marketing campaign. The interviews will definitely require some additional information about your book and it is important to be prepared for that. Make a list of the release dates, facts, stats, life stories and special offers so that you will be able to provide the interviewers with the required information.

Small free gifts and thank-you follow-ups:

As mentioned earlier, you are advised to establish long term relationships with the journalists and you can do so by sending them small gifts as a follow up. This little effort will help you to keep friendly terms with the relevant media contacts.

A good marketing plan requires good effort and these steps will help you to achieve what you are looking for. These simple steps are more then enough to drive your book on the way of success.

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