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Cloud Storage Solutions – Public or a Private one?

Cloud storage allows you to remotely save, manage and back up your data at a remote location. You can store your files online and those files can be accessed from any location via internet.

If you are wondering which sort of Cloud storage to choose; have a look at the various aspects of Public and Private Cloud Storage.

Public Cloud Storage

  • Public cloud storage is managed, end to end, by a third party hosting company/ service provider. Data is stored at their data center and the service provider is responsible for the management and maintenance of the storage facility.
  • You may find public cloud storage a cost effective option as no need to invest in the data storage infrastructure and related resources. Setting up of public cloud storage is also cost effective and can be very convenient as you just need to subscribe to the service and the hosting company will do the necessary deployment.
  • You will rest assured as zero maintenance costs.  Public cloud storage facility is managed and maintained by the service provider. It is the responsibility of IT team of cloud services provider to maintain the infrastructure, hardware and infrastructure; in order to provide a smooth functioning environment. As public cloud services are pay as you go types, you need not commit yourself to long term contracts. Download Vidmate app From 9Apps.
However, public clouds also have their own limitations.

As your data is stored at a third party’s storage site; it may lead to possible security and privacy issues.  Moreover, you would be having a limited control over the data. You cannot have a fully customized service in terms of type and size of data storage. And it may not be compliant with the local laws that have restrictions on using third party data centers.

Personal Cloud Storage

  • Personal cloud storage offers a storage option where all your data is stored securely behind a firewall of company’s intranet or hosted data center. That means you have full control over your data and resolves security and privacy issues. As it is your personal storage space, you can configure systems and infrastructure to offer you a higher level of security.
  • However, in case you are planning to have a personal cloud storage facility; you have to duly consider the initial highcosts of setting up an on-site storage facility.
  • Most of personal clouds are over the company’s intranet; that allows better network performance and increased efficiency.It also offers a customized storage solution as you may choose the hardware and design infrastructure as per your requirements. Moreover, personal cloud storage helps you manage compliance concerns easily.
As far as negatives of personal cloud storage is concerned costs of setting up an on-site storage facility are really high.

You may not achieve optimum utilization of employed resources and can be a real on-going thing. In case you are using a host data center i.e. you have an outsourced infrastructure and hardware, migrating to a different host can be an uphill task and you may have to unwillingly continue with the same service provider.
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