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Common Mistakes Made While Preparing for SAT

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, commonly known as SAT is a competitive exam that students take to go abroad for higher studies. The students take the exam either during their 11th grade or after their 12th grade.

They go abroad for studies in some of the most renowned colleges and universities across the globe. The level of the college depends on your SAT score. The higher the score, the better rank college you will get admitted to. Preparing for the SAT and taking the SAT is no piece of cake.

You must be ready to study hard and study smart to ensure a perfect score in SAT to join your dream college. There are some mistakes that students do before taking up their SAT’s. A few of them have been highlighted in this article –
  1. Starting way too late – Yes, students will be busy with their 11th and 12th grade exams. But keeping aside some time for preparing for SAT is vital to secure a good score. Starting to study a few days before the SAT exam is scheduled will probably not lead you to your dream score. You must start preparing for your exam at least two months or three months before the exam date. This will make sure you have enough practice and you are well prepared for the exam. In case you crack the exam in your first attempt during the 11th grade, then you could completely focus on your 12th grade without any worries.
  2. Taking too many practice tests – It is important that students take up practice tests to be well prepared. Practice makes perfect. But the student should know which test to trust, if you end up taking useless practice tests then you might get confused. Take the best SAT courses Chennai to ensure you are well prepared and have taken the right practice tests. Also, concentrate more on the mistakes you have made and the time you have spent for each question. Try to minimise on both the errors and the time taken.
  3. Cheating during the practice test – Breaking rules and cheating during practice tests will do no good for your preparations. In case you are caught doing the same in your main SAT paper, your marks will be deemed null and void and strict action shall be taken against you. In order to feel good about themselves, students usually end up cheating during the practice tests. Another way students cheat themselves is taking more time for a particular section assuming the other sections would not take much time. This is wrong, all sections in SAT are quite hard to crack and are time consuming, but it again depends on your skills. But over estimating and being over confident is not good for the candidate.
  4. Taking large group SAT classes – Doing this will probably cause a lot of distractions. The best coaching for SAT in Chennai will not have massive class strength. Students are given more peace and quiet, and they will have more time to spend with the qualified faculty of the training institute. Ensure you join a class that does not over crowd students.
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