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Concept of lift door advertising

Lift advertising has become very famous worldwide as it is gaining grounds over other kinds of print media and digital technologies. Banners, hoardings and newspaper ads or leaflets are too old fashioned and main stream. With the rise in technology when the world is gaining more heights then why not advertising approaches? Well yeah that is where lift advertising comes to rescue. It is a new and innovative approach that is being highly embraced by Lift Advertising agencies all over the world.

The perception of Lift Door Advertising

Lift Door Advertising is a concept used by retailers or business owners to grab the attention of the people. Advertisers use lift door to promote their messages by using door graphics, floor graphics or even wall wraps. The key to lift door advertising is in its creative design that can engage the customer. These can be easily found in shopping complexes, malls, corporate buildings and other similar official places.

The Trick of Lift Advertising

The trick used in lift advertising is the use of creative content to compel the people in the elevator to look at it. Being an active place with a group of people captive it’s really impossible for them to not look ahead at the door or look away. Advertisers can definitely make the most of such situations to their advantage. The use of advertisements on lift doors can simply catch the attention of the people passing by. In that case it really needs to be attractive and unique.

The Effect of Lift Door Advertising on the Viewers

The use of lift door advertising or even floor designs is really very effective. A exterior display of graphics is really attractive but the viewer would never come to know more of it unless he enter the lift. A recent study has found out that the effect of lift door advertising is much more effective on customers and it provides the viewers with an amazing experience. It is just good to look at even for those who might not be interested in buying the products. A lot of campaigns are carried out where lift door advertising is used for the purpose. It has been found that some offices or malls have been widely running campaigns displaying their own products on the floors and walls of the lift to help the employees develop a feeling and liking for their own products. The use of surprise images on lift floor is an impressive approach which will help  develop connections with the viewers.

Advertisers should use their full potentiality to come up with unique and engaging ideas to communicate with the consumers deeply. The key idea lies in creativity. Advertising is not simply about displaying but also about communication so the response of customers is equally important. If the content is good then the audience is bound to come up with positive response. If this can be done, advertisers can be successful in leaving a deep imprint on the mind of the viewers about a specific brand. 
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