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How is FASTag a Boon!!!

It is a matter of fact that transport is the primary need for every person in his/her life. This gives them a sense of comfort and convenience. This also facilitates them to go from one place to another without any hassles. It has often been seen that if a person is going to a journey from one state to another, he/she is required to pay the toll tax by making the vehicle stand in the queue for long hours. Tjis makes them disappointed. This has given rise to the introduction of the electronic toll collection that has been launched by the Government of India. It is popularly known as FASTag.

One can make use of digital online apps like Paytm, in order to make payment for their toll tax. Also, one can pay this amount with the help of NEFT/IMPS, bank transfer, etc. One can make the payment from their Paytm wallet or can be directly paid from their account. The use of FASTag has led to a comfortable, time saving as well as convenient life. FASTag is however considered as the easiest, cheap as well as fast way to make the payments and get the most out of the money.

They work with an aim to make instant transfers with the use of their mirrored services. One can get his/her FASTag account opened with a bank This can be recharged again by making use of one’s debit or credit card, cheque, etc. the users are required to give their required documents for KYC. The limit of its recharge is Rs. 10, 00, 000. The persons without KYC of the account can enjoy the recharge limit of Rs. 20, 000 only.

FASTag works to add convenience to one’s drive. In order to make the recharge of its account, the users are required to login to the site of their bank along with their password. Go to the payments @ recharge account. Select the tag of the CUG wallet and make choice for the payment mode of your choice. One can also visit the bank so as to get more details of the same.

In order to apply for an ETC card, the users are required to submit the given list of documents:
  • Passport size photograph of the vehicle
  • Registration certificate
  • KYC documents according to the category of the vehicle owner.
The representative of the bank provides the users with a form that they are required to fill and submit. It is said that all the documents of FASTag must be in the name of the owner of the vehicle. A valid driving license is considered as a sufficient proof for Address as well as ID. FASTag has proven very beneficial for its users, as it has promoted cashless transactions. It also saves time of a person. It has a special online portal for its customers and have a validity of 5 years. One can get it recharged by making use of various modes of payment, including debit card, credit card, NEFT, etc.
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