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Top Eats in Tassie

Tasmania is most certainly an area that you’ll want to visit when you go to Australia. As an island state in Australia, it is home to some of the most amazing beaches, as well as gorgeous national parks. It’s full of must-see spots, so renting a motorhome hire is an excellent way to both have lodging, vehicle, and meals in one place.

Of course, you don’t visit Tasmania all the time, so if you want to enjoy new food, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several great spots that you can check out as you travel around the state in a motorhome hire.

You would be surprised at how different the Tasmanian cuisine is, yet how delectable it is, as well. If you’re a foodie who wants to try something new, Tassie eats will not disappoint your taste buds. To help you plan your trip and also ensure that you eat the best food around, we have compiled a list of some of the best eats in Tassie:

Templo in Hobart

A small yet inviting restaurant, Templo is certainly a spot that you’ll want to have a bite at while visiting Hobart. It’s a very romantic spot that could be ideal for both dates or celebrations. The food is quite delectable, whether you order beef carpaccio or gnocchetti or crispy polenta. In some ways, you could say that the food has a home-style flair to it while still providing 5-star dishes that will make your mouth water. Whether you want to share your dishes with friends or eat them on your own, no one is judging and you can definitely relax and simply dine as you wish. A favorite for locals and visitors alike, Templo is most certainly one of the best eats in Hobart and Tasmania

The Agrarian Kitchen in Lachlan

The Agrarian Kitchen isn’t only an experience because of the food, but also because it’s a unique spot that is both cozy and inviting. A place where the fruit and vegetables are grown and where meats are locally sourced, the Agrarian Kitchen is a highly interesting place to enjoy a different meal that is as tasty as can be. It’s a must for anyone who is visiting Lachlan, so if you’re in town, make it a priority during your visit. You won’t regret it.

Stillwater in Launceston

If you’re familiar with restaurants in Tasmania, you’ve probably heard of Stillwater. If not, it’s definitely worth your time to visit. A place where local produce is a main part of the dishes and where you can try some of the best local wines, Stillwater is a classy spot for celebrations or romantic experiences. They are well-known for good service, and the restaurant’s pleasant environment is more than welcoming.

Freycinet Marine Farm in Freycinet National Park

If you’re traveling through Tasmania, Freycinet National Park will probably be on your list of places to see. If so, you will have to try Oysters at the Freycinet Marine Farm. It’s a beautiful place to visit and the abalone, rock lobster, and mussels are also worth trying during your visit. By the way, the seafood here is most definitely local and it tastes amazing! For those who love hiking, it’s a great spot to go after a day of exploring the area.

Black Cow Bistro in Launceston

Yet another Tassie favorite, if you find yourself in Launceston, you’ll want to visit Black Cow Bistro. If you love a good steak or anything having to do with beef, you’ll appreciate the menu at Black Cow Bistro. From the Wagyu to the desserts at this hot-spot, everything has a great flavor that you can’t just find anywhere. If you’re looking to go all out during your Tasmanian road trip, the higher prices are worth paying for the type of delicacies that they serve at this Launceston restaurant.

Fish Frenzy in Hobart

If you want a more laid-back experience, but still want to enjoy a good meal, Fish Frenzy is ideal. You not only get a great view of the pier, but you may also enjoy the food. A lot of people love how casual the environment is while the restaurant still provides top quality bites.

If you want to try unique meals, the above restaurants promise original creations that will make your mouth water. Because of the location, Tasmania has a lot of seafood inspired cuisine, but for those who don’t like fishy meals, there are plenty of options, as you can see above.

From the Black Cow Bistro to Fish Frenzy, there are options for different tastes. Which restaurant catches your eye? Whether you want to go on a date with your travel partner or celebrate a special day, these restaurants are perfect for a satisfying experience. If you can wing it, why not try them all on your road trip in a motorhome hire?
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