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Dan DeKoter - Factors to Consider Before Filing a Civil Litigation Lawsuit

Filing in a civil litigation case in a Court of Law can be a stressful experience. However, you may have to pursue this course of action if an individual violates your legal rights. This is only way you can claim monetary compensation for injustice he/she causes you.  However, appearing before the judge and jury on such matters is never a pleasant affair. You could opt to take part in negotiations to reach an amicable out of court settlement with the plaintiff. Unfortunately, this process may also take up most of your time and money. This is reason why legal experts say you need to know what to do beforehand.

Dan DeKoter – 3 Important factors you need to know about filing civil litigation cases

Dan DeKoter is a prominent legal attorney from Sibley in Iowa with a good reputation in the market. He has valuable years of experience specializing in complex fields of this profession. These include civil litigation, workmen compensation, real estate planning, business and environment laws. His clients come from various counties in the state like Sioux, Lyon, O’Brien, Dickinson and Osceola. He is also very popular in certain areas of Minnesota. In recognition of his services to the community, he has honor of being a member of numerous professional bodies. The most important among them being the Iowa State Bar Association Legal Forms Committee.

This prominent attorney points out the following 3 important factors about filling a civil litigation suit in a Court of Law:

Duration of civil litigation suit

He says filing a civil litigation lawsuit in a court of law is a time-consuming process. The jury needs to thorough investigate your personal injury, damage of property or contract dispute case. Only then can they decide whether the person you are suing is guilty of the offence or not. It also makes it easy for the Judge to determine the amount of compensation you can claim. This is why it is prudent on your part to hire a lawyer to represent you in the case.

How to choose the right lawyer?

When it comes to choose such a professional you need to be careful. Only a person with the necessary education, skills and experience can protect your interests in such a lawsuit. You should also ensure he/she has a good reputation in the market and is a member of a professional body. He/she should also have relevant training in handling the kind of lawsuits you are hiring him/she to represent you.  Only such an expert can give you the results you desire.  

Limitation Statutes

You need to know that every state in America allow individuals to file civil lawsuits within a specific period. This duration can be from 30 days to 6 months depending upon which part of the country you reside. However, in the case of medical malpractice, Courts generally do not recognize such time limits.

Dan DeKoter says civil litigation cases are always expensive and time consuming.  Only a creditable legal expert you hire to represent you can help you out. Such a specialist can tell you beforehand whether or not you have a legitimate claim in your lawsuit. He/she will also explain whether it is prudent to pursue the case in a Court of Law or not. However, if you decide to go ahead you need to keep in mind the above 3 factors.

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