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Humidity Test Chambers in Industrial Application in India

The humidity chambers are the special type of devices that are used for the purpose of analyzing the impact of humidity on various components to fix the quality parameters and make it suitable for operations.

One of the best practical application of the Humidity Chambers is that they are used in the industrial application such as plastic and rubber industries and pharmaceuticals for the quality assurance testing. Humidity test chambers are the instruments that check the effects of humidity on various components.

Need for humidity test chambers
These humidity test chambers are designed to test the behavior and the nature of the components in severe conditions and the environment that involves harsh conditions such as high temperature, fluctuating environment, and different relative humidity that tests the quality of the component to the core. With the help of humidity test chambers, tests can be done in constant temperature or in different changing temperature and humidity in the static state or in the dynamic state. Here, the moisture plays a critical role to decide whether the component is working fine or has it failed.

The controlling of the humidity of the chambers has always been a difficult and complicated task and without having a control over the temperature of the machine. For instance, if a user wants a dry humid atmosphere then skipping the temperature controller can affect the relative humidity.

The higher the temperature of the chamber implies that the air is much more capable of handling more moisture at a given temperature.

Industries where these Chambers are used

Pharmaceutical industries: In pharmaceutical industries, these chambers are used to test the effect of highly humid environment on medicines and drugs and whether they are changing their state or not.

Rubber Industries: In rubber industries, these chambers are used to check the crack initiation or melting of the rubbers in the extreme hot or cold environment. They check the core strength of the rubber and related materials.

Plastic industries: in plastic industries, it is used to test the effect on mechanical and physical properties of plastic products in the humid environment and high temperature.
The humidity test chambers are basically of two types
  • Constant humidity chamber
  • Dynamic humidity chamber
Methods of Humidity Generator -
  • Stream Generator
    b) Atomizer
    c) Water Bath
This is how the humidity test chambers are very vital for the industrial applications.
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