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Peter Max- Meet a Versatile Artist in Pop & Cosmic Art!

There are a few artists who are versatile enough to strike a bond and connection with everything they work on. They create ever lasting impressions and are known for their diversity. No matter what they work on, they leave imprints that cannot be removed easily.

Peter Max- an iconic artist in the USA

Peter Max needs no introduction in the field of pop art in the USA. He has over 50 years of invaluable contributions to the field. He is one of the most iconic artists that the USA has seen today. He is famous not only in the nation but across the globe as well. Known for his expressive and creative pieces of art, he is one of the most talented artists the world has ever seen.


He says that his works have been inspired by mysticism and yoga. He uses vibrant colors and bold themes. He has been able to reach out to both younger and older audiences. He has created over 800 posters along with lithograph pieces of art. His work has been showcased in galleries and museums across the world.

He is known for his uplifting images that has touched the hearts of generations across the world. He has been the official artist for six Presidents in the USA. His work can be seen in US Libraries and Embassies across the world. He has painted Our Lady Liberty every year since the nation’s Bicentennial. Verizon displayed this Liberty Collage in over 145 million phone books in 2000.

His childhood

His childhood is nothing less than a story book. He travelled to exotic locations and was exposed to some fantastic locales to get the creative freedom to discover and experiment with himself. Thanks to his childhood experiences, he has managed to revolutionize the concept of modern art in the USA. He developed a psychedelic style of painting and uses bright colors in his works of art. Today, he is the most popular figures of all the living artists in the nation. He is the man behind the way people today view art.

As a child he travelled across the world with his family and visited locales in Africa, Tibet and Europe before his family settled down in America. In 1960, Peter Max started his career in art. With time, he created and developed his own style by blending bold colors, photographic images that were old and antique into collages. With time, his works of art gradually became popular and he was approached for posters and murals. Later he moved into cosmic art where he incorporated significant elements of astronomy into his work. This became his signature cosmic art of the 1960’s.

Peter Max today is an iconic figure in the world of expression and symbolism. You still see his works featured in popular television commercials. Besides art being his love and passion, he is an active philanthropist with the environment and animals being close to his heart. He has dedicated several of his paintings to causes that support protecting the environment and animals.

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