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Ace the Post Retirement Interview by following these Tips

You clearly know that after serving your country as a military officer, switching over to a life of a civilian won’t be an easy task. Therefore, if you are looking for a job in a civilian sector, post-retirement from the military then you definitely need to ace that interview. The organisation will already be well aware of your job profile and the several skills you had, but to make a cut over others you need to have that x-factor.

So, to perform well in the interview, here are some military veterans’ interview preparation strategies which you can follow and get the perfect job.

1. Prepare: One of the best interview strategies for veterans that you need to follow before you appear for the interview is to prepare. You have to learn and talk in the way civilians do and refrain from using military jargons or terminology.

Also, make sure you have your references ready and you at least have 2-3 recommendation letters from your previous employers who can vouch for your excellence. You need to jot down the outstanding military experiences that you have had during your term, which are unique and will help you to stand out from others. Go through your resume and try to edit and present in the best way possible.

2. Usage of right keywords: In the interview, ensure that you use those keywords in your speech which matches the requirement of the job. If you are not aware of such keywords do look up for them before you appear for the interview. When you use keywords, the interviewer can easily connect to you and you will also leave a good impression on them. In that process, the relationship becomes more easy going and you can give an interview free from unwanted anxiety and jitters.

3. Dress to Impress: When you appear for the interview, dress professionally. Do not land up in wearing uniforms just because you belong to the military background. Wear the attire that suits the job. An ideal formal outlook means a collared shirt, leather shoes, a tie and fitted crisp pants. Even if your company profile shows that they encourage casual dressing, you must look professional and look confident in your appearance.

4. Carry copies of your resume: While you go for the interview, take enough copies of your resume so that you can hand over one copy to each interviewer if required. These extra copies you may also require if you move onto the next level of the interview in the same day.

5. Reach before time: It is always good to appear 10-15 minutes before the interview to prevent last minute hassle and put off your cell phone on silent mode. In case you get delayed, let the interviewer or the organisation know and reschedule to a new time.

6. During the interview: While the interview is ongoing, talk slowly so that everyone can listen and understand what you are saying and avoid usage of filler words like ‘umm’, ‘like’, etc. Stay positive and confident.

7. After the interview: Thank everyone and exit the room. Stay in touch with the interviewer or the organisation for the follow-up date.
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