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Different Treatments for Addison’s Disease in Dogs

Like Humans, canines can also suffer from several serious diseases as well, and Addison’s disease is one of them.And this is one of the serious diseases in dogs. The main reason of causing this diseases is when adrenal glands in dogs stop working, and usually, symptoms of this disease start to show up in grownup dogs, but sometimes puppies also show some symptoms as well.Basically, these glands are used to produce hormones in the dog’s body, and the basic function of those hormones is to control stress, sugar, salts, and several other body functions.

Addison’s disease

So once these glands stop working or produce less amount of hormones then at point Addison’s Disease starts to grow inside the body of your pet dog.There are basically three stages of Addison’s disease.The primary stage is caused when tissues of the glands start to get destroyed. Then comes second stage which is caused when those glands stop producing enough hormones in the dog’s body.Thethird and the last stage which is also known as Atypical Stage occurs when those glands fail completely and do not produce any further hormones. If you want to find out Addison’s disease in Dogs symptoms then there is a complete list of deadly symptoms that can occur in your canine.


First of all your dog will start drinking a lot of water, and as a result, there will be more urinating than usual as well. Your dog will start to go in complete depression and would also have a weak pulse. The body of your pet will be shaking all the time, and he will be vomiting right after his meal, and will also suffer from diarrhoea. And very soon your dog will completely stop eating any kind of dog food, and as a result, he will face dehydration as well.

Soon after this, he will start to lose all his energy and gets dull and weak.In order to diagnose if it is really Addison’s disease, you need to take your pet to the vet so that he can carry out the necessary examination of him. There will be just three basic tests done on him which include Urinalysis, Complete Blood Count, and Electrolyte Analysis.

Diagnose and Cure

And these tests are required to be done at different times, so you have to leave your pet at vet’s clinic in order to get him checked completely. After the disease has been diagnosed, thenext step will be of course to cure this disease. It is obvious that your pet has to get admitted tothe hospital so that he could remain under observation all the time.

First of all the hormones will be inserted inside him, just to catch up with the right amount of hormones inside his body. And if after sometime your dog shows some positive sign then it means those glands have started working normally. But even after treatment glands do not work, then it means your dog requires lifetime treatment, and he needs to get his hormones replaced every now and then in order to survive.Well, there is still hope that your dog is going to recover real soon, if you take a good care of him, and keep exercising with him.

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