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The giant Indian automobile manufacturer, Tata launched one of its most important cars, the Tata Tiago, with a lot of expectations. The car that fits into the subcompact car segment is loaded with all the features needed in a competitive compact car. The Tiago is a car designed very elegantly within the affordable pricing range.

What Tata Tiago Offers?

Tiago is a 5-seater hatchback car that comes with both variants. The diesel is provided with a 1047 cc engine while the petrol variant is available with 1199 cc engine. Coupled with a manual and automatic transmission, Tiago has a mileage ranging from 23.84 to 27.28 kmpl based on the fuel type and variant?

Features of Tiago

The following are the basic features of the Tiago car:

  • Multifunction steering wheel - This functionality allows for changing songs, increasing/ decreasing volume and making or receiving calls.
  • Anti Lock Braking System - This system, known as ABS, allows for better vehicle control and prevents locking of wheels thereby avoiding skidding.
  • Passenger and Driver Airbag - Airbags ensure that the safety of the driver or the other passengers is not compromised in case of an accident.
  • Power Windows Rear and Front - Power windows operate with a button and is the basic and most common feature of the cars these days.
  • Power Steering - Power assisted steering in the automobile facilitates steering your vehicle in your desired direction.
  • The key features of the car include:
  • Integrated Spoiler with Spats - Spoilers are mainly used in cars for increasing the grip on the roads. Instead of having a heavy car that runs slow or having a light car that is able to run very fast and easily, having spoilers means better grip as faster the car goes.
  • Body Colour Bumpers - To limit the effect of a minor collision to minimal repairs, bumpers are provided in Tiago and these bumpers are of the same colour as of the car.
  • Multi-Drive Modes - Tiago is equipped with multi-drive modes, meaning, it is provided with 2 modes, Eco ,City, which focuses on offering good fuel economy and an enriching driving experience. This feature is the highlighting feature of the Tiago.
  • Advanced Dual-Path Suspension - This feature facilitates convenient and soft driving practice by improving its handling.
  • Advanced AMT Gearbox - This superior AMT gearbox gives seamless clutchless driving practice , a sports mode button and better mileage. For this it provides three functions:
Creep function - For driving easily in stop-and-go traffic

Shift Assist Manual Mode - This allows for easy selection of the most excellent gear to drive in.
Sports Mode - It gives an amazing performance drive

Along with these top-notch features, Tiago ensures that practicality, passenger and storage space co-exist in harmony. It has 8 open storage spaces capable of holding 500ml bottles and cans, and a glove box that is deep. The car is designed well and works efficiently giving a refined driving experience.

So, hit the road with a Tata Tiago bundled with several features and you are going to have a wonderful ride.

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