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The BulatUtemuratov Foundation supports special children

Despite the abundance of information, in modern society autism is perceived by the majority as a sentence to parents. Autistic children are struggling with communication, life skills and interaction with peers. Autism cannot be called a disease in the generally accepted sense of the term – it cannot be cured or prevented. But it is possible to help such children and their parents – the charity foundation of BulatUtemuratov set it as a goal several years ago.

AsylMiras centers

Under the auspices of the Foundation, autism centers were opened in various cities of Kazakhstan – institutions in which children with ASD are trained to “contact” with the environment. In addition to diagnostic services and psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation, the centers provide professional counseling services for parents. The program quickly showed its effectiveness (especially with early intervention) – more information on personal impressions of the participants and the results of social adaptation can be found here.

Rehabilitation period takes approximately half a year, during which they work with the children using two international programs:

  • according to the classical method (when the instructors teach children communication and everyday skills);
  • with the use of ABA-therapy (children are helped to master 544 skills, which, according to experts, should simplify the life of a person diagnosed with ASD).
  • In addition, parents also receive training. With the help of specialists, they master the skills of raising and developing special babies at home – as a result, the socialization of autistic children passes many times faster and more successful.
Who can go to autism centers?

Children with ASD aged up to 15 years old, as well as their parents and relatives are being waited in the centers. At the moment, such institutions operate in Almaty and Astana, Kyzylorda, Uralsk and Ust-Kamenogorsk.

To date, with the support of BulatUtemuratov's foundation, about 40 specialists who work with autistic children – psychologists, medical consultants, defectologists, social care teachers – have been trained in the centers. According to the website https://bulatutemuratov.com/, specifically for this purpose the foundation repeatedly invited world-renowned experts not only in Kazakhstan but also in the USA and European countries (for example, in May, the leading center for autism counseling from the American Carbone Clinic visited the Astana center). The foundation plans to create autism centers in the regions of Kazakhstan.
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