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Tips to Watch Out For with Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a lucrative industry and can help you earn money with your web-related brand or offset the cost of hosting your own websites. There are several things to watch out for when it comes to choosing a reseller web hosting service including knowing if reseller website hosting is right for you. Review these key tips to reseller website hosting to know if the format will work for you and how to make the most of your reseller web hosting account. 

How Reseller Web Hosting Works 

Traditional web hosting plans allow you to lease space and resources on a remote server so that the public can access your websites and files. With reseller hosting you will be allotted more space and resources than you'd need for your own projects so that you can resell hosting capabilities to third-parties. 

Just like in traditional hosting plans, there are several formats available for reseller web hosting accounts. Many companies will lease a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or cloud server through reseller web hosting accounts so that you can pass the benefits of those modern platforms along to your own customers and make a profit. 

Once you've got your reseller account all you need to do is find customers to rent server space from you. These customers will likely be individuals and companies looking to host a new website or transfer a website to your services. 

If you design or sell websites then this is doubly advantageous because you can store the websites you build on your own reseller account and streamline the process for the customer. If you're not a web designer you can market your hosting services through traditional web marketing channels like you would any other online service. 

Uptime Levels and Reseller Hosting Features 

One tip that you should always keep in mind when looking for a reseller web hosting account is to investigate the specifications and resource allotment provided to you with each plan. For example, many reseller web hosting packages will offer unlimited domain names and cPanel instances so that you can serve as many customers as you like, resources permitting, of course. 

Uptime refers to the percentage of time that a web server is accessible through the Internet. Most reseller web hosting account providers offer 99 percent or higher uptime levels. It's important to find a host that provides good uptime because if your service is down you won't be able to repair the physical server or network connection on your own, rather, you'll be a the mercy of your hosting provider. 

Other features you should look for in a reseller web hosting include the ability to brand your own hosting, cPanel installation, traffic monitoring, and a good billing system. On some reseller website hosting accounts you may be responsible for creating your own billing system so if you're not prepared to do that just yet then make sure to find a host that allows you to bill your clients. 

Finding the Best Reseller Web Hosting Provider 

By spending a few extra minutes reviewing the details of your potential hosting company you can be sure to make the best decision about which reseller account provider to choose. Look for technical specifications including which type of drive the host uses, and how much bandwidth you will be allotted each month. You should also check out the customer service policy and see if they offer any guarantees about their service. 

Another way to tell if a reseller host is committed to earning your repeat business is to check if they a customer-centric business model. Any awards or notations they've won should be a good indication, along with the hours they maintain for customer service. You'll want to go with a host you can get up with on any day, even if there's a ticketing system for after-hours issues. 

After reviewing the host for customer policies and basic technical specifications you can further look into the hardware options they have available. Most web server providers will have upwards of 1 GB of RAM, with some will offer 8 GB or more for reseller accounts. Check out the transfer limits and average load times if such information is available to know more about how your and your customers' websites will perform on the service. 

Making Money with Reseller Website Hosting 

There are many ways to make a profit with reseller website hosting. Even if you simply intend to offset the cost of your own hosting the reseller format is a great option. All you need to do is find clients to rent the server space that you're currently leasing in bulk. Since you're getting a bulk amount of resources you will be able to pass on great prices to your clients so the pricing shouldn't be much a barrier in getting customers. 

Consider posting in groups and forums where business owners or web designers discuss expenses and technical issues to advertise your hosting services. Make your own brand for your reseller web hosting including a logo and any policies you intend to enforce. You can also buy ads through Google and other advertising platforms to find clients for your hosting services at a low cost-per-click

Getting reseller web hosting is a great idea if you want a turnkey business that doesn't involve any maintenance or overhead. You can use it to offset your own hosting fees or make a hefty profit once you're able to get a few customers signed-on. Put some effort into designing a nice logo and review the billing systems offered by your reseller account provider to make a uniform, seamless hosting service for your clients and you'll be able to grow your hosting company into a nice, consistent revenue stream.

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