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Alpman Ilker - Tips to Take Care of Your American Muscle Car

If you own an American muscle car, you will find it is a matter of immense pride. You should take care of your muscle car properly so that it is free from damage and other potential threats. If you compare muscle cars to other cars, you will find they have different requirements. This is why you should consult experts in the niche to know how to take care of your muscle car and protect it for a long time.

Alpman Ilker- tips to take care of your American Muscle Car

Alpman Ilker is a general contractor by profession and fond of American muscle classic cars. He says that when it comes to the care and maintenance of your car, be patient. He says that most people buy a muscle car for its looks and function. In case, you purchase a car with rust, make sure you give it a very good wash and apply fresh coats of wax especially underneath the car. As an owner you should take charge of looking after your car with the right mechanic- your car should look your best so do not ignore cleaning your vehicle.


You should keep your car from extreme temperature. American muscle cars are not meant for extreme weather conditions. So, if it is too hot or too cold, keep your car inside a garage to keep it safe. If you have central heating in extremely cold temperatures, adjust it in the garage to keep your vehicle warm. Direct sunlight is not good for your car. If you plan to keep the car for a very long time, ensure you drain the fluids and disconnect the battery of your vehicle. Like all cars, your muscle car needs daily cleaning as well.

Invest in a good car cover

If you live in a location where the temperature is fine, invest in a good cover for your car. Keep it away from the damaging elements of the sun and the wind. There are good car covers made of soft cotton. If you do not plan to drive the car for a long time, keep the windows of your car open underneath the cover. This will allow for air circulation. Cover your vehicle all the time to prevent dust and debris from entering the car.

The parts of your engine need special care

The engine of your American Muscle Car is old, and so you should be cautious when you are buying parts for it. Check the market to make sure that you are buying parts that are specifically made for your engine. Check with central suppliers and make sure that the parts sold to you are genuine.

Alpman Ilker says, last but not the least, take your American Muscle Car for a drive once in a while. If you keep your car sitting for too long in the garage, you will later face problems. All you need to do is take your car for a 30 -minute drive every month. This makes sure that your car does not corrode. If you cannot get the time to drive the car, just take it out of your garage a couple of times in a month. Take it out for some time and let the engine run for a few minutes. This helps you to prevent issues and problems in the near future.
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