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Dealing with the physical and mental symptoms of grief –The different stages

One of the biggest challenges of life is to cope with the loss of something or someone you love. It can often be an overwhelming feeling when you have to deal with the pain of loss as you can start experiencing all sorts of unpredictable and difficult emotions from anger to shock to disbelief, grief and sadness. Not only that, the pain that you feel from grief can also have an adverse impact on your physical health thereby making it extremely difficult for you to eat, sleep and also think positively.

However, you needn’t lose hope as there are significant ways in which you can come to terms with grief and loss and move on with the new life that you get.

The different stages of grief

As you start to come to terms with loss, your feelings might occur in several phases. There are very few ways in which you yourself can control this process but still it is helpful enough to know the causes behind your feelings. Here are the few common stages of grief that have been identified by the doctors.

§  Denial: Whenever you learn about the loss initially, you might feel a state of denial where you feel numb or shocked or you can’t believe that it has happened. This is one of the most temporary ways in which you can handle the rush of emotion. You adopt a defense mechanism.

§  Bargaining: During the stage, you stay on what you could do to prevent the loss. The most common thoughts are ‘What if’ and ‘If only’ and you might strike a deal with a higher power.

§  Anger: When reality sets in, you will face the extreme pain of your loss. This is the time when you feel helpless and frustrated. The feelings usually turn into anger and this can be directed towards other people or towards life in general. There are again people who get angry with the loved one who died or the one who left you alone.

§  Depression: As you begin to understand the loss and grief that you’re going through, gradually, sadness sets in and this starts to have an ongoing impact on your life. There are few signs of depression like sleep disorders, crying or a decreased appetite. You may even start feeling lonely and regretful.

If you don’t feel positive after the loss of a loved one, you may check out the popular grief quotes at e-counseling.com so that you could motivate yourself.
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