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Improve Customer Experience through Virtual SMS Service

In today’s fast-moving consumer world, the customers are not only expecting to meet their needs but an attachment with the company’s brand that can create a top-notch value-added experience. A relevant attachment of the value holds your customer to stay connected with your brand consistently. In today’s rapidly changing business world when customers are facing uncountable distraction and change of trends, any retail business needs to be connected with its clientele with the useful and pertinent information of the products and services. Advanced technology free virtual SMS number is here to provide you supplement that can stay you attached with your customers to feel them an excellent experience and accelerate your business growth.

SMS Leads the Platform for Business Communication

Customer oriented business always need to face the challenges of competitions and changes. And a business needs to keep itself relevant to its customer to supplement the change and competition to create an excellent customer experience using the virtual SMS service in the following ways:

A Two-way Long Number

The greatest opportunity of having a two-way long number enables your customers to respond to your SMS that can open a dialogue with them. The long number is essentially ideal for marketing campaign where remembering the virtual mobile number is not important to your customers.


Long code SMS service providercreates an ample scope to build you a strong customer database inviting all customers to enter into a competition responding to your promotional messages with their name and contact number. The long code is also the most cost-effective solution for two-way conversation with your customers that allows you to receive the customer’s replies from local and some selected foreign country as well.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Program

Personalized interaction with the customers is becoming more essential for building a healthy relationship with the client base. Channelizing the two-way messaging into the CRM program, the workflow will generate automatically using SMS and a significant improvement in the customer experience will be established.

SMS Surveys Creates Valuable Customer Feedback

You can easily survey on your product or service allows the customers to rate the product or service or simply reply with YES/NO to your long number indicating the product or service is useful to them or not. You can easily asses the satisfaction level of the customers by obtaining valuable feedback which was not possible before.

Banking Alerts

The two-way messaging is the genuine option for sending SMS alert in respect of an important action on customer’s bank account and can also be used for verification of transactional information sharing.

Reminding Appointment and Confirmation

Time is valuable and money its value. Customer may forget an appointment or may forget to cancel any pre-booked event resulting in financial loss caused to the customer. Therefore, sending an auto-generated reminder using the two-way long number, customers can take the opportunity for confirmation or cancellation or reschedule their appointment.

Polling Feedback Campaign

A two-way SMS long number enables you to collect data and customer loyalty while a campaign is on to gather votes to understand what your customer prefers keeping attachment with you.
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