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Lung and Lung Cancer

Lung and the Respiratory system

The respiratory system is one of the important processes present in the human body which is very much required for the survival of the human beings, thus performing every seconds of a day. And the lungs are the central most part of the respiratory system performing many of the major functions for the body I n regard to the respiration and the respiratory system. Ling is present in covering the chest space in the upper part of the body and it is two in number. They are spongy like structure which is filled with the air. This spongy sac like structure helps the air to get in to it and thus also gets distributed to the internal portion of the body. Now air has major role for the survival of the human beings. The reason behind it is the presence of the oxygen present in the air which is the most useful thing for the human body and each and every internal function either metabolic or the organellar of the human body, must be supplied with oxygen without whom the function won’t take place. Thus the air which also contains other gaseous material than oxygen and also as harmful as that of the carbon-dioxide, gets filtered with the help of the lung so that only oxygen remains in the body and get utilized also for the work.

Cancer and the Lungs

Lungs are very much a target for the occurrence of the disease called as the lung cancer like other target sites. Cancer is a disease that can occur on any organ or any type of cell in the body. Till now after all these still the disease has got no treatment rather proper treatment which will cure the problem from its root. And the fatality rate with the cancer is increasing day by day. Another reason for its increasing fatality rate is that the cancer is one of the most innovative disease of all because with time the course and the characteristic of the disease are also changing that is in short this disease is also under 5the effect of the evolution. This is probably happening because the disease is in generally mediated by the genes which are specific to the activation of the cancer and as we know the disease can also be hereditarily transferred from one generation to the other generation. Lung cancer is one of the most common type of cancer that is in occurrence. And death because of it is also very much high.


The disease of cancer is mainly caused by the genetic activation of the gene which are specific to the cancer and also for its cause. Other reason are the tobacco and excessive exposure to the pollution as they will mutate the cells of the lungs and thus cancerous condition will appear.


Doctors use those chemotherapy and the radio therapy for the treatment of the disease although the effectivity of the treatment varies with the stage of its discovery in the patient.

Although the lung cancer treatment cost in India is fairly high with respect to other disease. So people should not be responsible for the occurrence of this kind of disease and stop the use of the tobacco and others.
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