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Pampering your Chic Wardrobe with the Best Collections of Diamond Pendants

If you are someone who absolutely adores being ‘the chosen one’ in a party by virtue of your choice in sophisticated jewellery, especially diamond, this is the perfect place for you. Read on to stay on top of the ultimate pendant race and make your peers jealous.

Pendants, as such, have always been a traditional gift for loved ones. They are not just a beautiful addition to beautify your attire but also show a gesture of meaning and love. Their skin-kissing aura of affection and beauty help you get reminded of your loved one every once in a while. They are an elaborate and intricately designed piece of jewellery to suit every personality of yours and reflect every mood perfectly. Diamond pendants are an all-time hit with everyone!

Following are the top 5 types of diamond pendants to steal the hearts of your peers:
1.       Shine with Confidence with a Solitaire Diamond: These pendants may comprise round precisely cut or other differently shaped stones and signify the age-old concept of ‘being your own star’. Just like yourself, a solitaire diamond doesn’t need any allies to shine brightly. With its simplicity and uniqueness, it’s sure to be a best friend of every attire in your wardrobe. 
2.       Feel Exotic with a flower-shaped Pendant: This pendant might be a perfect Daughters’ day gift. With a simple yet sleekly designed flower to signify how well you are blossoming in life, it’s sure to attract a fair few ‘Wow’s from your party guests. A few leaves comprising coloured gems may be an added finesse to this pendant. A plausible decorative bail further adds an air of grace to its organic feel and makes you feel all ‘flowery and fine’. 
3.       Gaze Ahead with a Golden Bodied Pendant: This is your all-in-one dressing mate when it comes to upping your diamond statement. A golden drop which is delicate or a golden mesh to kiss your skin or even a simple gold and diamond leaf- there is a variety of designs to shuffle through for your best pick. Gold and diamond combo has never ceased in its ‘sparkle’.
4.       Hear your Beats with a Heart-shaped Pendant: A deeply meaningful gift of true love, a heart-shaped pendant shows an unwrapped simple heart and sometimes also comes with a pair of keys (which are your gestures) to close the heart of its wearer. Bring a smile to the lips of your special one with this delightful pendant and seal her heart forever! Or maybe, hear your heartbeat with jubilance when you pamper yourself with a heart-shaped sparkling pendant on your birthday.
5.       Sail Sleek with a Silver bodied Pendant: This diamond pendant is both stylish and ethnic. A perfect friend of your saree or long skirt, a diamond and silver pendant can do wonders for your ultimate party look! Available in a range of cool and exclusive designs and bails, silver and diamond can also signify harmony and cohesion.
Elegance and top-notch design are right up your sleeves with these five exclusive diamond pendants of rich choice. They are a great fit on the neck of your loved one or you. So, stop fretting and add these lovely beauties to your jewellery box today itself! Let your diamond beauty shine through!
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