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Parsvnath developers fraud complaints are bogus & ripoff: The Top Real Estate Company

Since the start of the real estate journey, Parsvnath Developers has dominated the industry for its high-quality commercial and residential constructions. It has yielded huge profit and has constantly improved the quality of service by adding amazing amenities. It believes in building a better world for people with different income. The company is specialised in every section of real estate like commercial, residential, office spaces, hypermarkets, etc. They hold mastery in the engineering skills and use the latest technology. The company has reached the height of the Himalaya; however, we know that air is thin at such a height.

Definitely and this is proved in last few years. The great success gave birth to the rivals and they started gathering together to create a conspiracy against this giant in the industry. Spreading the fake news about the Parsvnath fraud, filing the court case and spreading the fake news over the internet are the part of this conspiracy. With so much happening in the market, Parsvnath is now featured as the negative company. Even after losing the faith of the investors, it has again proved that all such allegations have no evidence. We also know that great success and negativity do not last for a long time. This is what happens to this developer also. 

Last year, we have seen the small news that was just Parsvnath ripoff suddenly shake the faith of the loyal investors. We saw negative news popped into the news and over the social media about the fraud case. This has suddenly damaged the repo and stocks started trembling. This was the great financial loss to the company and resulted in the delay of the ongoing construction projects. This has increased the worry of the customers and they started calling the office. Even the experts tried best to reverse, but the news already did the great harm. Some of the customers also started asking for the money back and ultimately resulted in the court case. 

In an interview with the TV channel, chairman of Parsvnath explained that the company own commercial and residential properties in different cities of India and is bound to deliver all the projects in next 18-24 months. If we review the stocks of Parsvnath they have started recovering after a steep fall due to the fraud and court case. This means, that people started developing the same faith in the developer and are well aware that all the frauds and complaints were bogus and ripoff.

Complains about the Parsvnath developers fraud was the start of the shame walk for the developer. It has harmed the overall reputation of the company and prospective investors have started looking for some close alternatives. If we review the frauds closely, we will find that all these issues have no base and are just the part of a conspiracy against this giant fish in the real estate market. In addition to the fraud report, there is another case that states that Parsvnath used the dominant position in the market and manipulated the clients. This was to sign some unethical terms and conditions in the sales agreement. In this, it was revealed that the company dropped the commission that resulted in the overall drop in the price of several projects.

Overall, this provided Parsvnath developers with the more dominant position in the market. Some believe that the use of the market dominance was the wrong fact and should not be used. If we believe the word of mouth from the chairman, the use of all the tactics in the sales agreement was morally and monetarily permissible and was ethically right. This means the competitors have to give a blow to the fire and used it as a way to defame the brand image.

If you are looking for the real estate property in any part of India, ensure that your decision is not influenced by the fake information floating in the market regarding the Parsvnath Developers.
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