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The Definition of Lanugo and What You Could Do About It

If a mother could sneak into the uterus and find out something that is not expected. Yes what is baby lanugo as tiny pockets of hair may be found on the baby. Let us now figure out what is lanugo in pregnancy as this tends to emerge around weeks 12 to 14 of your pregnancy. By week 23 the body is covered fully with hair.

With lanugo it could act as a form of insulation during pregnancy. In most cases the baby is expected to look skinny when you are pregnant. The reason being that the body fat happens to be one of the last areas to develop. The body warmth will help them to keep snug. With lanugo the body temperature of the baby is kept under regulation. There have been some reports that in case of malnutrition, kids or adults may also suffer from lanugo hair and you could consider that the body is trying to protect itself without the aid of fat.

In case if your baby is born with lanugo it does not pose any major danger for the baby. This same policy applies for anyone who does come in contact with the baby. Though some traditional remedies have been put in place to shed lanugo hair, at the same time it would be totally unnecessary to do anything with the hair of your baby. In due course of time this hair would fall on its own. The moment a baby is about to reach 3 to 4 months old all the lanugo hair is being replaced by the vellus hair which is the hair on the human body.

The parents are also worried that if the baby has lanugo hair, then how they can cope up with this unwanted hair in the later stages of life. Some others may be upset that after carrying the baby for 9 months in the stomach it did not turn up on expected lines. If you admit that you are not a big fan of lanugo it is not going to make you a bad parent in any manner at all.

If the lanugo hair of the baby is giving you stress, do undertake few things that would calm your mind. Be aware of the fact that lanugo is healthy, natural and there is no major need to lose sleep over it. No way does it mean that you would need to shave the baby before he has to go to school. The growth and shedding of lanugo hair is something that most of the babies are expected to go through. Just take into consideration that the process is being taken care off outside the womb.

It would be really worth a gamble if you could go on to capture some clicks of the baby. In due course of time all these moments could be celebrated with a sense of intimacy. It does showcase the signs of how delicate your baby could be and enjoy those moments in life.

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