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Top 10 fabulous baby shower gifts

Babies are indeed the best thing to happen to parents. It is a time for rejoice and happiness for the entire family. It is necessary for parents to hold baby shower and invite relatives, friends and neighbors to witness the great event. In case, you are also invited for the occasion, then it becomes essential to buy a great looking gift that is not only attractive, but also is useful and appealing.

Few baby shower gifts to Pakistan

·        Baby carrier: It is among the most sought-after item in the market, designed for today’s modern age parents. Carrying the child around in the carrier has become quite convenient and also promotes nurturing of parent-child bond. Hence, a sturdy and strong, branded baby carrier can be a wonderful gift.

·        Baby booties: Taking care of the soon-to-be born baby is of utmost importance for all new parents. Therefore, gifting baby booty pair can help provide the much desired support and protection to the newborn’s tender feet. A set having baby booties meant for different months will be a great gift choice.

·        Feeding pillow: Another wonderful gift is the maternity feeding pillow which can be given to the nursing mother, requiring convenience and comfort when feeding the child. This pillow does provide firm support and also lessens strain on her shoulders, neck and back. Nursing pillow also is a fabulous choice found with wrap-around design having elbow and arm rest. It can help the mother and baby to maintain an ideal feeding position.

·        Tummy time mat: The padded, soft mat with a pillow is sure to be a wonderful gift. Newborn babies can have excellent playful tummy time.

·        Diaper bag: New parents are sure to require it all  the time, until the baby grows and learns to use the toilet. Diapers also make travelling on trains, cars and buses with infants much easier and comfortable. It does help to organize properly the stuff needed for the newborn. There is also available a bag having necessary essentials inside it that can be termed to be fabulous baby shower gifts. This gift to Pakistan will be cherished by the new parents for a long time.

·        Baby cradle: A robust and compact baby cradle can help put the baby to sleep without much trouble. It will be necessary to gift only an attractive, sturdy and well built cradle that will please the parents and the little one. It will be useful to choose a cradle having soft cotton cushion. This can offer the newborn with the much required support and protection. The cradle having mosquito net that is attached to tong can shield the baby from mosquitoes, insects and pests alike.

·        Baby clothes: There are easily available plenty of adorable, cute dresses designed exclusively for newborns and toddlers. You can select beautiful looking clothes for the baby boy or girl. They do make great collection for the newborn, who can wear it casually or when going outside.

The above are just few of the many baby shower gifts available for the newborn that can be purchased from the reputed online gift portals.
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