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5 Top Web Developers To Follow on Twitter

Being on Twitter is one of the best ways to get real world advice, find helpful tips, and keep track of trends in the web development world. But it can be difficult to figure out who to follow with so many experts on the social media site. That's why we did the work for you. After going through hundreds of experts, we condensed it down to five people that you should be following on Twitter. 

1. Lea Verou 
Lea Verou is an accomplished developer that has experience in computer science and front-end development, and web design. She's written a book called CSS Secrets which many in the industry often points to as one of the best guides on CSS. One of the helpful things she does for her followers is that she curates a lot of content from her followers, industry websites, and other experts to provide a broad range of topics, conversations and perspectives.

You can expect a variety of content from her Twitter feed including solutions to common programming problems, ideas on UX design, helpful CSS tips, and industry changes. She also tends to share many funny and interesting posts related to web design and development, so if you want a good mix of fun and helpful content, be sure to follow her.

2. Jeffrey Zeldman 

Jeffrey Zeldman is one of the most influential personalities in the web design and development world. He has been leading the charge of UX and front-end design with his annual event An Event Apart, a conference that brings together experts on web design, UI/UX design, coding, content creation, and more. He also hosts a show to interview some of the most brilliant minds in the industry.

His Twitter feed features helpful industry articles, philosophies and strategies about how to approach design, follower Q&As,
web hosting solutions, and development tutorials. He also hosts unique live meetups and events which is a great way to connect with other professionals. There's always a nugget of gold to be found from his Twitter account, so make sure you follow him today or you'll miss out on something important.

3. Chris Coyier 

Chris Coyier is a designer that specializes in CSS and teaches about various web development solutions. He also hosts a podcast called Shop Talk which brings on experts in the web design and development world to share their expertise. He offers a good balance of design and development posts that really aims to add value to his followers.

His Twitter feed is filled with many interesting posts on CSS grid design, CMS platforms, CSS tutorials, inspirational designs, and more. If you're looking for a cost effective way development solution, be sure to check out his Serverless guide for front-end developers. It's a guide that abandons conventional web hosting solutions and offers alternative options like cloud hosting services.

4. Sara Soueidan 

Sara Soueidan is an award-winning front-end UI and UX developer. She has worked with many clients from Smashing Magazine, Provata Health and COBI. This means that she's one of the few developers who has worked with large corporate clients. If you want to follow somebody that focuses on meaty content, you'll be happy to learn that Sara's tweets contain many helpful tutorials that you can use to advance your skills as a front-end developer.

She also retweets a lot of great tutorials from her industry peers. This means you'll get a broad perspective of what's happening in the world of web design, CSS, Javascript, HTML, and building a freelance design/development business. She also shares videos, slides and summaries of her talks at web conferences, so you get the full content without traveling to another country or buying a ticket.

5. Ray Wenderlich 

If you're interested in the world of apps, then Ray Wenderlich is the guy to follow. He focuses on teaching his followers how to develop apps for iOS and Android. You get a deep insight on app development from the eyes of a professional. His personal site also offers free step-by-step tutorials for beginners. He makes the process easy, fun and accessible to everyone.

Ray tends to share a wide range of content on his Twitter accounting from general coding tips, best practices, helpful cheat sheets, and little known tools to make your job easier. One of the best aspects of Twitter account is the fact that he uses examples of real apps and common app features to teach beginners and intermediates to apply the knowledge he provides in his posts.

To sum up, you'll get a wealth of knowledge about web design and development by following these five web developers on Twitter. You'll also be up to date with changes/trends in the industry, get access to in-depth training, be alerted to upcoming conferences, and get rare insight from other vetted experts. Remember, you can only keep up with so many people on Twitter. That's why you should follow what we think are the best in the industry.
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