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Adam Quirk: The Well-known Criminal Justice Professional

Private investigators are recruited by attorneys and normal citizens to take on investigations. The service areas of these agents comprise of a number of areas such as violent crimes investigations, background checks, criminal investigations, security management, drug diversion investigations etc.

Adam Quirk: The award-winning private investigator

Adam Quirk is an award-winning private investigator proficient with over fifteen years of experience in violent crimes investigations, background checks, criminal investigations, security management, drug diversion investigations etc. His educational background comprises of a Master's degree and a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, and in Business Administration and in-progress Executive Master's Degree. In addition, Adam also has several memberships in justice and crime organizations.

Mr. Quirk began his career after getting a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He has worked for USIS or the U.S. Investigations Services in the designation of a Special Investigator. Adam has been accountable for carrying out quite a few detailed background investigations at USIS to find out suitability of the individuals for security clearances. He has been responsible for preparing the complex, wide-ranging reports as well.

After his spell at USIS; he joined DEA or the Drug Enforcement Administration and has been elected as Diversion Investigator. Here Mr. Quirk has been responsible to carry out investigations of the unlawful diversion of Schedule II through V Controlled Substances from drug manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, clinics, physicians, and other DEA Registrants. After this, he has received a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University and graduated with a great GPA from BU and then he proceeded on to a different role for the FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation. Here, as a Special Agent he used to direct execution of warrants, investigate complex, multi-jurisdictional crimes of violence, conduct interviews which include forensic interviews of children and has worked on crime scenes, prepare affidavits and interrogations.

As of now, Adam is the proprietor of a security firm and private investigation, Stealth Advise. To make himself ready for the launch of Stealth Advise, Adam went back to the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh to take part in a full-time Executive MBA program. Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin Stealth Advise is a leading Private Investigations Firm that offers a wide range of complex investigative services.

Adam Quirk maintains professional memberships in several organizations, such as the ACJS or Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, ACFE or the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, ASC or the American Society of Criminology, NCJA or the National Criminal Justice Association, AAFS or the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, ASIS International, and JRSA or the Justice Research and Statistics Association.The award-winning private investigator Apart from having such experiences, Adam continues to be present at meetings and conferences so as to maintain advanced information about criminal justice matters, investigative techniques, pertinent investigations subject matter and technological advances.

Hence, Adam is an eminent criminal justice professional with almost two decades of experience in the United States. When not busy with work, he loves traveling the world, blogging and writing literature reviews about international travel, the automotive industry and criminal justice matters.
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