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Broadband v/s High speed Internet: What's the difference?

Is it really a good connection if your Internet speeds are low? And are high speed Internet connections expensive or should you just opt for fibernet? These, and other questions answered.

Life is superfast, and every device you use must match these peak speeds. You might have an expensive phone in your hand, you might have the latest tab or laptop from a reputed company. But do you also have the fast Internet connection to go with these devices?

If you don’t, it is time to get a fast broadband connection. A high speed Internet connection is a pressing need for the home, especially since it provides so many benefits in a cost-effective manner.

Is there a difference between broadband and high-speed Internet?

On the face of it, they are one and the same. Broadband, by virtue of having a larger bandwidth, is able to provide faster speeds and accommodate multiple digital devices on the same connection quite easily. Hence, every broadband connection automatically becomes a high speed Internet one. However, every high speed Internet connection is not necessarily a broadband one.

Why get fibre broadband?

Fibre Internet connections are a relatively new phenomenon that offer a sturdier connection that spans a longer geographical distance than other connections. The transmission of fibernet technologies is also much faster since fibre optic cables are used in the connection. Fibre optic cables are also stronger and more pliable than the standard copper connections. It forms part of the FTTH (Fibre To The Home) network which offer a superior Internet experience on all counts. Plus, the connection is cost effective when taken from a leading provider like Airtel.

Airtel, and the fibernet advantage

Airtel is the only FTTH service provider in India to offer the revolutionary V-fibernet technology for homes and offices alike. Airtel fibre broadband has the fastest speeds, constant uptime, and the best plans at the moment.

Consider the benefits of taking an Airtel fibre broadband connection:

·         You get high speeds of 300 Mbps and no downtime. The uptime is measured at 99% at all times.
·         You get always-on connectivity and the superior advantage of lighting fast browsing speeds for all your Internet needs.
·       As per the plan you take, you can get data between 100 GB to 1,200 GB per month. Airtel is currently offering bonus data if you buy the plan before October 31, 2018.
·         If you don’t use some amount of data, it is rolled over and added to next month’s data.
·         Each fibre broadband plan comes with unlimited STD and local calls.
·         Airtel fibre broadband also offers the best discounts on every plan rental across all major cities and towns in India.
·    Get a free router with the fibernet connection, peak speeds of 100 Mbps, and one-year free subscription to Amazon Prime.
·       The installation process is fast and unobtrusive.
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