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Customised House Warming Gift Ideas

When you are going to a house warming party of your friends or relatives then always try to gift something which is thoughtful and it suits the new house. You can buy anything that can be useful for the house and also will not be the part of the usual run.

You can always order personalised gifts online and ask them specially to customise it according to your vision. This will make each and every gift unique and out of the box. If you are in a huge dilemma about how to do that, then here are some basic ideas which can be of great use.

Customised Name Plates

This is a perfect gift idea for those who have owned a new house. A new house always needs a new name plate. Going for the usual ones can be pretty boring. Then why not do something new with them? You can always customise the name plates with the owner’s name in it or a picture of them engraved on the top of it. This will look different and add some extra uniqueness to the usual name plates. Go for wooden wants if you want to engrave names on them.

Personalised Coaster Set

This will suit perfectly to the newly decorated dining hall and the dining table of the new house. If you have some travel pictures then try and engrave them on rounded coasters before gifting them to the owners as a house warming gift, you can also go for some vintage paintings on the coasters which will make them look unique.

Customised Cushions

New sofa sets in the new house will definitely need some new cushions. How about adding some creative doodles on those cushions only exclusive for the house owners? This will make the cushion set look completely different and it can never match to any other cushion sets. It will be the one and only set owned by them.

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Do you know that you can easily turn a regular set of coffee mugs into special one by just personalising them? Well, in order to do that, one just needs to buy a set of ceramic coffee mugs and engrave the names of the family members of the new house on them. By doing that, each member of the house will have their own coffee cup and it is a unique idea as a house warming gift.

Customised Wall Clocks

This is another unique gift idea for a new house. One can send some pictures of the owners of the house to the shop that makes customised wall clocks and they will set those pictures on the clock before covering it up with a glass. This can be a nice show at the living room or the bedroom wall.

These are the some basic ideas when one thinks of specialised house warming gift items. One can also buy personalised gifts online from the gift sites if they want to send it away to their closed ones to make them happy.

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