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Fantasy Cricket India: Play Fantasy cricket For Money & win more

Fantasy cricket is gripping the nation and helping itself to an unprecedented growth. If the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming is something to go by, the juggernaut is worth $70 million with about 25 million users at last count. Although almost every other person is engaged in this activity, there are people yet to come on board and you might be one among them. If the knowledge deficit is holding you back, we are here to help, running you through everything there to know about fantasy cricket. Learning was never so easy and fast.

What is fantasy cricket?  

Fantasy cricket can loosely be defined as a virtual game based on real cricket played by real cricketers on real grounds. The format is inventive, where the participant is required to pick a playing 11 from both teams participating in a particular match before it gets underway. Regardless of the team your selected player belongs to, if he performs well, you fetch points. When you outscore your fellow leaguers on the leader-board, hefty cash comes your way.

Where can I play?

The internet is full of websites offering opportunities to play fantasy cricket and win big. You just need to choose a website, get registered, make deposits and start playing right away. The registration protocols may vary from one website to the other but all of them ask for basic information like phone number, email ID, pan card and bank account number.  

Is it legal?

It is obvious for people to be wary of the legal status of fantasy league cricket, as no one wants to be on the wrong side of the law. If you are one among them, worry not, as the activity enjoys a legal status in India. The reason being, the format is based more on skills and ingenuity rather than chance. The status has been reaffirmed by none other than Supreme Court of India that calls it “a game of strategy and skills.” This is one reason why bettors are increasingly doing away with hardcore sports betting, which is illegal in India, in favour of fully legal fantasy cricket.

What are the rules?

Again, different websites operate with different rules and you need to play by them. However, there are commonalities, some of which are listed below.

       A fixed number of credit points are given, around which the fantasy league team has to be created. Do not exceed the limit, or else you will face disqualification.

       Each player is worth a certain number of credit points. The price is fixed to prevent fluctuation and made public before the upcoming event.

       Slot-based selections are mandatory. The team has to have a fixed number of batsmen, bowlers, wicketkeepers and all-rounders, depending on the website you play at.

       The team needs to be created at least an hour prior to the contest. However, many websites allow you to substitute a player minutes before the action unfolds.

       The payouts are transferred to your bank account directly, usually within two to three days. Payouts can be delayed or cancelled if ID proofs are not right.
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