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Why It’s Important to Do a Thorough Contract Review

Construction contracts are usually full of legal jargon and can be difficult to fully understand. It is always important to understand the contract you are signing and to get the legal help you need along the way from an experienced and knowledgeableArizona construction law attorney.

What is a construction contract?
A construction contract is a mutual and legal binding agreement between two parties, usually between the owner and contractors. The contract is in the form of a document and includes policies and conditions regarding the construction project.

To prevent any issues from occurring during the construction project, always read completely read the contract including all of the fine print and take note of the agreements, regulations and deadlines mentioned. This will help the project to run smoothly, avoiding any extra costs and delays. Remember, never sign the contract until reviewing it thoroughly and discussing it with a construction law attorney. This is where legal advice is going to be very beneficial, especially if the contract is drafted poorly.

A price list in the contract is important to review, along with the details regarding payment. This includes things like when and how you are getting paid. Also, who pays for items along the way like supplies and other related items needed to complete the project.

The time frame is another crucial part that needs to be in full detail in the contract. This includes things like the length of the job and the timeframe for certain stages of the project. Also noted are milestones, meetings and what happens if there are penalties. Deadlines need to always be clear and always noted. Never be afraid to ask for clarification.

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