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5 Questions You Should Ask For Your Next Open House

It is fun to attend an open house! That’s because it is not everyday that you get the opportunity to look at every corner of someone’s house without any restrictions whatsoever while munching away something delicious.

But, if you have made up your mind and decided to buy a house that you liked, you should ask some serious questions to sellers without any hesitations. Asking such questions will clear your doubts and help you decide whether a property meets with your expectations or not. For example, you need to know if you can get permission to build a loft conversion in essex before you go ahead and move there. 

In this article, we will take a look at 5 vital questions you should ask the next time you are attending an open house. Just make sure that you are asking these questions after the open house is over as this will help you get more information and you will learn what the property has in store for you.
  1. What’s the reason for moving away?
Let’s be honest, you might not get a clear answer from the seller for this question but ask anyway without giving it a second thought. Asking this question will help you figure out how motivated the seller is for making the sale happen. If you are deciding to make an offer this can turn out to be a powerful tool for you. For example, if the sellers are moving away for a new job, you will come to know that they have very few days on their hands to sell that house and you may be able to strike a bargain with them.

If the agent is being hesitant about it, you should also listen to them. While the shilly-shally answers don’t guarantee that there is anything wrong with the house, it should be a warning signal for you. Also, if you face the above mentioned situation, handle it with a calm mind and ask more questions to clear your doubts. If the answers you get are not convincing enough, read all the paperwork until you are satisfied with the condition of the home.
  1. When was the house put on sale?
This question will help you get an insight about the price you should offer if you decide to buy that house. To know how flexible the seller will be with the offered price, the time a house has been in the market can help you get an idea. Generally, if a seller puts up their house for sale just a while ago, they will pass low-ball offers and wait till they get a better one. But, if a house has been sitting idle for a long period, the sellers will be open to negotiations.
  1. Are there any good schools nearby?
You may be blessed with beautiful kids or plan to have the cute ones in the future; the one thing you should be concerned about is that the school nearby may affect your future as a homeowner. It will make impact your taxes, ability to sell the house in the future since everyone wants to reside in areas that have good schools nearby.

Keep in mind that a listing agent has limitations on expressing their opinions about schools nearby. So, to avoid trouble later, carry out a thorough research on your own and choose a property accordingly.
  1. Have there been any offers?
If the seller has got offers, ask them how many offers they’ve received so far and when are they planning to take a final decision. It is vital to know what offer the seller has received and if you find the home interesting enough, you will know how much and when you can state your offer.

If you are thinking how you can make your offer stand out amongst other competitors raise your stakes. Generally, it is better to make a higher offer, as it will help sellers pass over other offers and pick yours.
  1. Can I get a copy of the Seller’s Property Disclosure?
The sellers need to fill out all the details in Seller’s Property Disclosure (SPD) whenever they are putting their home up for sale. This document gives you an insight on what systems are installed in the home and how old they are, any major redesigning that was done along with any other problems that the house had in the past. The SPD is actually a complete guide to the state of the home. For example, you can get to know how old are the towel radiators in the bathroom and whether any repairing work was carried out in the space or not.

Ask your agent or seller for a copy of SPD, take it home and read it thoroughly. If you have questions after reading the SPD, go ahead and ask your agent to get the same clarified for you. If you are thinking whether to make a final decision on a house of your choice, the SPD will give you a lot of information.

We hope the above questions help you choose the right home. Happy home hunting!
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