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Don’t wait for long to get the MRI scan as they are easy and painless-

There are many times when your doctor might ask you to go for an X-ray or CT scans to just check some of the internal organs of your body. But there are many times when the doctor is not clear about the diagnosis through X-rays or CT scans and ask for some more detailed analysis of the body tissues. This is all done through the mri Chennai scans.

What is MRI scan- The process of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a strong magnet, radio waves to create many detailed images of the body. The bones, organs and tissues inside the body can be easily checked with the help of an MRI test. These tests are used to diagnose many diseases and other medical conditions. Though both the MRI and CT scan looks similar in ways there are many differences between the two-

·         As explained earlier, the MRI test uses a magnetic field to generate the image, whereas in a CT scan a person is exposed to radiations which are harmful if the body is exposed to it again and again. Thus, MRI has no health effects.
·         The clear picture of abnormal tissues in the body can be seen with an MRI scan. It also helps to see the details like ligaments and tendons, spinal cord and other soft tissues which are missed by the CT scans. The CT scan gives the only higher quality of a picture of bones and especially diagnosing the chest and even the detection of cancers.
·         Talking about the cost difference, the MRI scans are much costly than the CT scans, but are more effective in treating health issues.

What is the need of an MRI scan-

·         To detect any diseases- In the primary care if the doctor feels that you should have a detailed test of the body i.e. an MRI scan, one should go with it. This test is mainly used to diagnose any disease that cannot be detected in any other scientific manner. Many of the tumour, lung and heart damage, problems with veins and arteries, sports injuries, etc can only be detected with this scan. Thus, MRI is best to help diagnose any multiple sclerosis problems.
·         Keep a track of the disease- Once the disease is detected the treatment starts. In many cases the recovery of the patient can be seen physically and easily, but many a times the doctor may again go with an MRI scan just to check the status of the disease and to monitor the effects of the medications.

How to get ready for the scan- Once the doctor determines the need of MRI scan, the patient can either pay the cost of scan on his own or can claim it from the concerned insurance company. Once the insurance company gets the clean chit or approval from the office staff regarding the need for the scan, the patient gets the approval for the same. By simply booking an appointment with the radiology center, the scan process can be easily completed.

Depending on what part of the body needs scanning, your doctor may ask you not to eat or drink few hours before the scan. At times the doctor will also request you to have an MRI with contrast. In this a contrast agent as a dye will be injected into the body just before the scan. This injection of contrast is injected through an IV that is placed in the back of your hand. This process of injecting a contrast will help improve the overall quality of the images and provide more detail in the analysis of detecting the problem. On the other hand, during the scan one should avoid wearing any jewellery or metal even on the clothes to avoid any distraction sin the scanning process. One should lie completely still during the scan as any movement of the body can also spoil all the images of the scan. The amount of scan depends upon the body or organ that needs scanning and takes approximately from 15 minutes to one hour.

As the machine in which the body is left for scanning produces a lot of noise the patients are provided with headphones so that one is relaxed and stays away from extremely loud sounds.

Benefits of MRI scan-

An MRI scanner is used to take images of any part of the body from head, joints, abdomen, to legs, etc. in any imaging direction. This scan provides better soft tissue contrast that cannot be seen in the CT scan. It can differentiate better between the fat, water, muscle, and other soft tissue where the CT scan only gives an insight usually of imaging bones. Through the result or the images produced at the end of the scan, they provide information to physicians which can be useful in diagnosing a wide variety of diseases and conditions.

The doctors and researchers in the field of MRI have been continuously refining the techniques of MRI in medical procedures and research. This scanning procedure has become one of the most important revolutionized procedures in curing many diseases.

The treatment through MRI scanning is best done in south of our country where mri scan in Chennai is proved to be the best. People from across the world come to various hospitals in Chennai to get their long-term injuries and tissues related problems cured. It is the most non-invasive and painless procedure to check the internal organs of the human body.
One should not delay the scan when the doctor advice to do so.

After the scan which does not use ionising radiation to achieve the pictures is a very safe procedure that doesn’t require any ‘recovery time’. Under the guidance of the doctor, generally, there are no special care instructions after the scan. Once the scan is over a radiologist with other specialised doctors will interpret the scanned images. Once this is done a detailed report of the radiologist’s findings will be sent to your doctor. Finally make an appointment with your doctor and get the scanned reports analyzed.
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