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‘Masha Allah’ is a frequently recited reminder of Allah’s Blessings and many Muslims get it written or painted or carved in calligraphy so that they can give it as a gift to a loved oneor decorate their homes or offices with it.

What is the meaning, significance and essence of saying ‘Masha Allah’?

 ‘Masha Allah’ is Arabic for ‘By the Will of Allah’. It is said especially when we are praising or appreciating an individual, whether it is in relation to his or her achievements such as reaching a career milestone or to his or her attractive physical traits such as lustrous hair or a bright smile. All of these are a consequence or manifestation of the ‘Will of Allah’. If aninfant is cute and adorable, it is so because Allah has Willed him/her to be cute and adorable. Without the slightest doubt, He has willed it to come to the world. When a person says ‘Masha Allah’, he or she is acknowledging the Will of Allah in all good aspects in life. People also say the zikr for protection of the object of praise against the evil eye.

In Surah Kahf (Holy Quran, Chapter 17), it is said, “Masha Allah La quwwataillahBillah”, which translates into “By the Will of Allah, there is no power except with Allah”. Allah’s Power and Might is all-encompassing and boundless. All that exists does so by His will and His permission alone. Full of depth and yet light on the tongue, this zikr is much recited on different occasions. Be it in times of stress or ease, this zikr is apowerful reminder of Allah’s Will behind all that we experience in life.

Your house stands firmly on the earth by Allah’s Will. All the blessings in the home – from the food and water to children and spouse to even the sofa, the lights and the fan – are all there by the Will of Allah. Nothing happens without His Will or His permission. Certainly, we exist, we breathe, we live, we experience life by His Will and His Permission only.

‘Masha Allah’ is therefore avery significant, oft-recited reminder which every believing, practising Muslim says several times in his life, almost on a daily basis. It, thus, should not come as a wonder to any of us that in the world of Islamic calligraphy art for home decor, many people buy onlineMasha Allah art. They look up the Internet for ‘best Masha Allah art’ so that they can gift the powerful spiritual reminder to a loved one or display it in their homes or offices or restaurants. In this way, they can therefore visually express their faith and belief in their homes, uplift the aesthetic appeal of their living space with the beautiful art of Arabic calligraphy, and be reminded of the Blessings of Almighty Allah as well.
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