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How to choose a lawn mower?

Do not fool yourself when it comes to lawn care. This handy guide will help you choose the right lawn mower so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn all year round. We offer you throughout our specialized site to discover a precise and detailed comparison. You will be able to discover the cream and the quintessence of the material to maintain your garden.

Discover our test category which will allow you to read the opinions gathered by our team of specialists and gardening enthusiasts. All this information is indicative and you can share with us your experience.

There are many features to think about when choosing a lawn mower, but to start thinking about size is obvious. A general rule of thumb is that the larger your lawn is, the more your lawnmower will be. So all that is best and which is excellent for your grass is found in this memento and this manual dedicated to the lawn mower.

Think of a tennis court for example, if your lawn is about this size then it is considered a medium sized lawn. If it is about half that size, it will be considered a small lawn.

Once you have an idea of ​​the size, you can start to consider the type of mower you will choose. There are different types of lawn mowers, but basically, almost all lawn mowers fall into two categories, rotary mowers (thermal or electric) and manual mowers you can choose your lawn mower on this website.

Which width of cut to choose?

Up to 100 m2 - about 30 cm wide
Up to 400 m2 - about 40 cm wide
About 1000 m2 - about 45 cm wide
More than 1000 m2 - 45 cm wide

The different types of lawn mowers:

Why choose a manual lawn mower instead of an electric or thermal mower?
On the one hand, a manual mower is economical; it slips into the budget of almost everyone. But there are many reasons besides the low purchase price. Come discover the cream of the crop and find the best product that suits you!

Advantages of a manual mower:

Non-polluting: does not make noise, fumes, odors and no use of toxic liquids
Easy to maintain, from time to time lubricate and sharpen the blades
Very low cost of long term maintenance
Gives a neat cut and a beautiful lawn
Good opportunity to do some exercise
The cheapest way to maintain a small area of ​​grass
Super-easy to store

Disadvantages of a hand mower:

Only for small lawns
Can leave uncut area along fences and other obstacles
Most cannot handle tall grass

The extra power of a gas lawn mower may be the best choice for most medium and larger lawns. In this guide, we explain what to consider when buying a gas lawnmower, the advantages and disadvantages of each choice and the reviews of sites where you can buy a thermal lawn mower.
Choosing the thermal lawn mower will save you time and frustration, so we'll also explain the advantages over an electric lawn mower.

The thermal mowers are now more and more popular with gardeners, they are cheaper to buy and easier to maintain. Most modern gas lawn mowers use unleaded gasoline, so no longer mix fuel for 2-stroke engines. Come and see the best of this product range and make your choice in the blink of an eye!

The main advantage is that a gas lawn mower can go anywhere, it is not tied to an electrical outlet and it can also usually face taller grass because of the extra power. Do not be ignorant anymore and come to consult this subject: "How to maintain your thermal mower?"

Gasoline lawn mowers are noisy compared to other types because of their air-cooled engines, and need a little more maintenance to keep them in good shape for years. Good quality gasoline and good maintenance will allow it to last longer than most electric lawn mowers.

Why buy an electric lawn mower?

Overall, the choice of mower that you ultimately decide to buy will depend on its purpose and the particular need you need to fulfill. If you are a fan of the green environment, having a wired electric lawn mower that does not pollute and does not create powerful noises will be the most ideal option for you. Again, you would not want to be bothered by the stress of refueling or replacing the air or oil filters every time you want to make use of the mower. We present you the best products compared to not ask you any more questions!

Although the initial cost of an electric lawn mower is more expensive compared to gas lawn mowers, over time, the cost of refueling and other maintenance routine with the thermal mower will certainly outweigh the cost of purchasing an electric mower. The only time you should consider a gas lawnmower is when you have a large garden or for use around the electrical cords will be inappropriate and very stressful.

A battery mower, is it effective?

A battery mower is an excellent choice of lawn mower, for a garden of 100 to 500 m2. With a cordless lawn mower, it is not necessary to think about the location of the cord. As long as you have a charged battery, you are ready to cut grass anywhere on your field. Over here to see the gratin of the wireless lawn mower and commencer the fastest mowing!
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