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Stream NCAA college football 2019 live

These final two weeks is a great one for all NCAA college football lovers from all around the world. No matter where you are getting the content updates from, we are sure that you are loving every bit of it.

What’s there not to love though?

The awesome winning streaks recorded by the likes of Alabama and Clemson? The outright wins that Missouri and Auburn have made to look so simple? All the crazy action that happens live on the pitch?

What if we told you that there’s more to come?

Upcoming NCAA college football games

So that you don’t miss any of the coming games, here is a full update sheet on when they will all be happening live.

Home Team
Away Team
Day/ Time
14 of 15
Saturday, 01-12

Iowa State
Saturday, 01-12

Saturday, 01-12

Saturday, 01-12

Saturday, 01-12

Boise State
Fresno State
Sunday, 02-12

Ohio State
Sunday, 02-12

Sunday, 02-12
15 of 15
Saturday, 08-12

There you have it. All of the champions from the different regions are finally going to face off against each other and show the stuff they are made of. It is time to stop being local champions and step onto the inter-state level.

At this rate, there are no clear favorites anymore. It is one champion against the other. They will leave their all on that pitch, and the excitement will be sent through the roof. Even if you have been missing out bits of the games up till this point, this is the time to gear up and start watching.
Wait a minute. Did we hear you say you’re not getting any of this action?

What the issue could be

If you are not getting any of the action, one of the reasons could be from your cable subscription – or lack thereof. This, we totally understand.

The cost of running cable TV is high, and keeping it up just for the sake of college football might be an unjustified situation.

As if the cost is not enough, cable subscribers are also prone to blackouts and restrictions when some games are being played in their locale. This has been a tactic used by promoters and organizers to sell tickets in the past and is currently being practiced too.

But then, what about those outside of the US?

Even though we have fans and enthusiasts of the games beyond the borders of the States, the various geoblocks and restrictions around the content makes it impossible for them to access these games. The sad part is, these geoblocks will also affect US residents who are traveling other countries at the time of the games.

Guess what? None of these have to be a problem for you anymore.

Get the Fix

We have promised to tell you how to stream NCAA college football without any of the issues above hindering you. One thing we have to ask of you, though, is that you don’t think it’s too good to be true. That being said, the solution is as easy as getting a VPN and setting up your content stream with it.

Why does this work, right? It’s simple:

A VPN is engineered to pass the user data through secure servers which are placed in different countries of the world. When a user logs in from a server, they will be seen as using the internet from that IP address rather than their physical address.

Someone in the UK can thus connect to a US server and be made to look like their computer was in the US. That solves the problem for those outside the country, and eliminates blackouts from local channels too.

But then, what about cable?

Well, we should probably tell you that you can stream NCAA college football live on a couple of streaming platforms/ apps, and they have full support too. You never have to pay for cable just because of college football again.

Doing this is quite simple too. Simply:

-          Purchase a VPN from a trusted supplier
-          Connect to a server in the US
-          Subscribe to the streaming platform of your choice
-          Stream all the touchdowns as they happen live.

Like we said, that might sound too good to be true. What’s true, though, is that it doesn’t get better than this.
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