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The Right Way To Print Large Digital Photos

Some photos are worth preserving. You want to print it out, frame it and display for everyone to see. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind in order to achieve HD photo prints.

Keep images large

When taking photos, settings can be adjusted to make the image size large or small. While smaller ones may take up lesser space on the memory card or phone storage, they might not be clear images to print. The larger the image, the higher the quality of the print will be.

Determine the number of megapixels

You might see that an image appears to be big on the screen. It does not mean that you can print it out to be as big as you want because the result on paper may not be what you expect. If you have a 2-megapixel image, you can only print it on up to 4 x 6 if you want to retain its quality. Printing more than that may result in having a pixelated photo. To determine the number of megapixels, we need to know the dimensions of the image. To know the print size, divide the width and height dimensions by 300. 300 is the number of pixels per inch, the suitable number for a high-quality printout. Remember, the larger the megapixels, the larger your images can be.

Resizing an image properly

To obtain HD photo prints, you can use photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. While the image resize option can be used to reduce photo size, never use this to enlarge an image. This will only result in having your photos being pixelated.

User scanner to enlarge

Flatbed scanners can be used to enlarge an image. Your old photos and images that have low-resolution, you can scan them to get a high-resolution image. Set your scan settings to 600 dpi. This can give yield a high-res image that can be printed on a larger size.

In cases where you want a larger digital image, print the image first and then scan it.

Designing for large format

To make sure your large print has the impact you want to achieve, make sure that the fonts are large enough to be seen from a certain distance. It must be easy to read. Use practical fonts that will make reading easier.

Certain colors can catch attention. If you want your HD photo prints to stand out and be noticed, use bold colors especially for signages. Avoid too many words on signages. Keep the message short and sweet so that you can drive the point across.

The best way to make sure that your photos will come out great is to enlist the services of professional printers. They should be able to suggest the best way to print your image of choice. Just keep in mind the tips above. A professional printer will give professional output. It is also more convenient and practical to take an advice before you start. For more information, view the site.
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