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5 Key Things to Know When Buying A USB Charger

If you want to stay connected, a USB powered device can be of extreme help as you can carry it wherever you go. However, there are various types of USB chargers available in the market and not all chargers are good. While buying a USB charger, you need to select the best device and here you will get guidelines to buy Best Multiport USB Charger.

1. How does a USB charger work? : Any USB charger will require a host and one device and, in most cases, the computer remains the host and the appliance remains the device. When USB is connected to the host the power will flow from the host and data will start flowing freely in between the host and the appliance. Normally a USB cable will have four wires and USB socket comes with four pins.

The outside pin of the USB socket will provide 5-volt power supply and the inside pins will carry the data. There are various types of USB related to the physical shape of the plug and these are listed here.

  • Type A USB: This is the most common type of USB plug and it comes with a rectangular shape and all versions are equally compatible.
  • Type B USB: The other end of a USB cable usually uses a Type B connector and this plug is the tall one with slanted top corners. There are various variations of the Type B plug and smaller plugs are available to suit the need of the client.
  • Mini and micro USB: These are variations of the Type B USB and are also widely used by the customers in several devices.
  • Type C USB: The main distinguishing feature of the USB C is that it is reversible, and the design of this USB is very small. This small design of the USB can obviate the need of the micro or the mini variants of the USB. USB C can replace all types of USB for both the host and the device of the client.

2. USB charger versions: There are five versions of the USB charger which focus on the improvements in terms of features and speed. The versions are USB 1.0, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1, USB-C 1.0 and among them the USB 3.0 version is the most common one at present. However, it is predicted that the USB C connector will ultimately replace all other versions of the USB charger.

3. Types of USB ports: There are mainly three types of ports which are mainly governed by the current specifications. These are dedicated charging port, downstream port, and the standard downstream port and these are used widely to suit the exact need.

4. Amperage and the voltage: All USB connectors, chargers and cables do not provide the same power and it can vary from a wall charger to a USB socket in a laptop. You also need to consider the amperage of the chargers as chargers increase the current to provide higher power supply faster. You can choose the Best Multiport USB Charger for getting the best performance of amperage and voltage issues.

5. Safety issues: There can be serious safety concerns with uncertified chargers and the choice of Best Multiport USB Charger remains the safest one.
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