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Best wrist watches for Women to own

Smart watches and high-tech fitness bands are gaining popularity in recent times, but there's something special about the stylish analog wrist watches for women as they can enhance the looks of any women wearing them. Whether you want a simple timepiece with the sober look or you want to make a statement, there are plenty of watches to choose from and that's where the real challenge pops up. 

There are numerous irresistible women's watches to choose from in terms of both style and brand that is capturing the market these days. Here's a look at a few of the most statement-making options available today.

Fossil Jacqueline watch

The Fossil Jacqueline watch has a classic Roman numeral dial, an effortless and comfortable leather band, and a variety of neutral color combos to choose from making it the best watch for everyday wear. A small window on the bottom of the dial displays what day of the month it is. The medium case measures 36mm, but the slim band keeps it from looking bulky, so it's ideal for every wrist size. It is also available in many colors. Though this watch is described as having a classic style but is not "old-fashioned." 

The Jacqueline has been designed keeping in mind the modern aesthetic looks. This watch is very versatile and can be worn almost daily with any dress. It stands out just enough to get a compliment from your closed ones. While there's certainly a place for fashion-forward accessories, it feels nice to have daily wardrobe staples.

 Durability and comfort are especially important in the watch you wear every day and fossil Jacqueline watch is the perfect combo of it. Fossil is known for manufacturing affordable, high-quality watches and other accessories, so durability is guaranteed. It is water resistant, sleek in design and modern in its looks.

Price: Rs 4,350

Olivia Rose Gold Scalloped Boyfriend watch 

The Olivia Rose Gold Scalloped Boyfriend watch is all about being in style. The boyfriend watches generally meant for tomboy personalities comprising of bulky features and a sportier look, while the Olivia does the opposite. It features scalloped detailing on the outside of a watch dial that has no numbers or indices which give it a sleek, contemporary appeal. Unlike many fashion watches, this watch is very affordable but looks as if it will cost you a fortune to own.

 Versatility is another winning point here that makes it a worthy purchase for every girl looking to buy an amazing wristwatch. However, if you want minimalistic so that you can mainly focus on your dress, then you won't be disappointed with Olivia. Since the dial of the watch doesn't feature any time indicators, some may find it a little tricky to quickly read this watch. 

It is a very durable watch with the 18mm band, adding to its versatile nature. The Olivia also comes in varied color options ranging from rose gold, black, gray and wine. It is water resistant and comes with a two-year warranty. Feminine design, extremely versatile, durable construction, interchangeable watch band, water resistant and reasonable in price are some of the major points to be noted about this awesome wrist watch for women.

Price: Rs 2,700

 Fossil Virginia stainless steel watch

Sometimes you need an accessory to dress up with; the bracelet style Fossil Virginia stainless steel watch is a perfect buy if you are looking for some feminine options in wrist watches for women. It’s an everyday watch that makes a great wardrobe staple. Either pair it with a little black dress or ethnic dress, it definitely is meant to complement your look in every outfit.

 The crystal-set bezel, the crystal detailing on the band, and the crystal hour markers make it a dream watch for every girl The Fossil Virginia wrist watches for women comes in rose gold and silver tones so that you'll be able to match it with any jewelry of your choice. The 30mm dial looks flattering on a wide range of wrist sizes.

There's more to this watch than just great looks. It accurately displays time with quartz movement and an analog display. Roman numerals mark the 12, 3, 6, and 9-hour points and the rest in the dial are marked by the stacked crystal hour markers. There is no connecting leather band here as this is a bracelet style watch, but it is made of durable stainless steel with a closure to keep it firmly on your wrist. This Adjust-O-Matic closure allows for self-adjustment by link removal so that it can be fitted to any wrist size. It is water resistant, elegant, feminine and durable.

Price: Rs 4,200

Mondaine Classic watch

The Mondaine Classic watch is inspired from the Official Swiss Railways Clock, with accuracy in time and distinct red second hand. Mondaine is a Swiss watch company known for its skillfully designed, high-quality watches. These wrist watches for women are designed by Swiss engineer and designer Hans Hilfiker in 1944. 

This clock became the icon of the Federal Swiss Railways, which were known for their punctuality. The red paddle style second-hand makes it little quirky and the pop of color adds fun to its detailing. If you're looking for a unique timepiece to add to your accessories assortment, then Mondaine Classic is a must buy. Unique dial, durability, versatility, water resistance, and great looks are some of the points nobody can overlook while looking for a good watch.

Price: Rs 13, 600

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