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How to Choose the Best AV Company for your Event

Are you in the midst of planning an upcoming and important event? One way to make your event as memorable, enjoyable, and/or as informative as possible is to hire the best AV company you can find. If you are trying to decide amongst the audiovisual companies in Orlando, then you may have a time-consuming and exhaustive process ahead of you.

The best way to optimize this search process is to strategically outline the professional standards you should require for your event. Make a list. Detail the qualities, experiences, and characteristics of professionalism that you will expect from any of the audiovisual companies in Orlando.

If you know what you are looking for in an AV company, and which companies can supply those qualities, then you can whittle down a long list. Does the company have a positive reputation? Do they work hand-in-hand with clientele throughout the event to manifest the client's wishes as much as possible? Or do they work solely on their own terms? Does the company own professional equipment?

Here are some search criteria suggestions to help you in your decision-making process. You can reach out to the AV company yourself as well as do some basic online research:


You should know the professional worth of the AV company you are considering to engage before you hire them. Check out online reviews to get a cursory understanding of the company. Contact the company directly. Request a list of previous clients. An AV company of proven worth should have a list of verifiable testimonials from prior clients available on their website.


OK. So, the companies that you are considering have glowing reviews from previous clients. But how long have they been in business? A young or new AV company is learning from their professional mistakes just as much, if not more, than from successes. This is true no matter how good their reputation is.

Look for an AV company that is several years or decades deep in the business. An AV company that has been in business that long knows what they are doing. It's the difference between an AV company treating your event as a testing ground to gain experience or acting professionally from earned experience. Also, experience cuts down the probability of mistakes.


Contact the AV Company by email or phone. Set up a consultation meeting, email or phone call interview to convey your event's needs. The most professional and experienced audiovisual companies in Orlando should help you assess your needs. Even in a preliminary, pre-hiring fashion.

A good AV company can only help you with your needs, and what you want out of an event if you convey them comprehensively. Ask questions about their work, equipment, employees, set-up, and production processes. They may be able to professionally assess the practicality of your event's needs and offer suggestions.

Find the Most Professional, Reputable and Experienced AV Company

One AV company that you must include on your list is American Audio Visual. This AV Company has been in the business for over 40 years. Its employees have over 150 years of experience and technical knowledge between them. This is the AV company you should consider if you need your event to be a success.
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