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Significance of high blood pressure when you are pregnant

High blood pressure is a cardinal sin during the tenure of pregnancy. Yes you might agree that blood pressure medication for pregnancy could provide relief, but there are some serious consequences that are as follows

·         A high blood pressure can lead to problems for both the mother along with baby. This would prevent premature birth or preeclampsia

·         With high blood pressure you are not going to derive any symptoms or signs. On route of your regular prenatal visits the doctor would check your blood pressure status.

·         If they prescribe medicine to keep your blood pressure under control then you need to take it
·         If the chances of preeclampsia are high, then the doctor may ask you to take low dose aspirin for prevention.

The definition of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is witnessed when the flow of blood pushes hard against the arteries. The arteries are organs that carry blood from the heart to the various tissues of the body. The moment pressure in the arteries becomes too high, and then you are suffering from hypertension also referred to as high blood pressure. Though blood pressure medication pregnancy can provide you relief, but on the lungs or kidneys extra stress is being put.

 The possibility of stroke cannot be ruled out by any means

Before pregnant some women are known to face high blood pressure. In case of others they would be suffering from high blood pressure for the first time during pregnancy. In case if you are dealing with high blood pressure then you might have to discuss with your doctor. They will guide you on how to have a healthy pregnancy along with a healthy baby.

How can you figure out if you are dealing with high blood pressure?

The blood pressure is indicated by a couple of numbers. The first one is the number that the heart contracts and the second would be the number where the heart is known to relax. The normal blood pressure is 119/79 or lower. High blood pressure is going to happen when the number exceeds 140 and falls below 90 as well. During the course of the day blood pressure can go up and down.

As part of the prenatal check-up the doctor would check your blood pressure. To do this a band is applied on the waist of your band. If there is a high reading they are going to check it all over again.
How you can deal with high blood pressure during the stage of pregnancy?

·         You have to go through all the prenatal check-ups if you are feeling fine

·         If medicines are needed to control blood pressure has it every day. The doctor is going to suggest which medicines are safe for you and the baby

·         Opt for a balanced diet. Do not consume canned foods or salt as they can enhance your blood pressure levels

·         Be active as far as possible. 30 minutes of exercise during the day is a must.
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