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Top 5 Qualities All Virtual Assistants Should Have

The marketplace has changed, more and more businesses are turning to operate in entirely digital realms. As the nature of business changes, the workforce changes along with it, and today working from home as a freelancer has never been easier. Whether you're looking to employ a virtual assistant to help organize and run admin for your growing business or you're looking into becoming a virtual assistant yourself here are some important tips that will help you realize your full potential.

What exactly is a virtual assistant? In order to make sure you're employing the best or that you're working to your best you first need to understand precisely what it is that needs to be done. There is no one size that fits all here; duties will be dependent on the nature of the business itself and what needs to be done. A clear understanding of the role of a VA must be established through dialogue and the goals that you will aim to achieve together.

1. Clear Communication

Which brings us onto our first and possibly the most important aspect: that every virtual assistant must have; excellent communication skills. Everyone is different and that is as of true of the employer as it is the employee but as it has been with assistants in the physical world it's also true of the digital one; the dialogue of the assistant must be clear and understood. It's important for this relationship to be a productive, easy and mutually beneficial one. Establish a schedule for feedback and progress reports so that you both know how often to check in with one another to save confusion and frustration.

2. Shared Drive

You should seek out a partner who shares your drives, passions and communication style. If you want to communicate in short clipped to the point formality then find a VA who mirrors that back to you, if you are prone to chatting and want a more personable and familiar communication then seek out that. As a VA you should aim to mirror and mimic the tone of your employer in order to make them feel comfortable and to make sure you're on the same page. A virtual assistant needs to believe in and champion the business every ounce as much as the CEO, owner or manager does in order to be their best. If you don't see that in each other, it's a bad fit.

3. Reliability

Hiring a VA can be a big decision and you need to be sure they can be relied upon. Whilst you need to communicate with each other to set up the boundaries and specifics of the role if the tasks are given are consistently not being met, deadlines missed or there are too many excuses and not enough action then you may have misaligned understandings of the role.

4. Initiative

A virtual assistant is there to take the stress off of their employer so they can focus on what they do best in their business, this means they should need little oversight and perform their role almost silently. A good virtual assistant is savvy and anything they don't know how to do they will research and quickly add to their skillset. If you're having to field a constant stream of inane questions the answer to which is obvious after even a brief Google search then your virtual assistant isn't saving you time, they are costing it.

5. Availability

Whilst no one is saying your virtual assistant should be available 24/7 there should be a clear and easy method to contact one another at all times, especially if something urgent comes up. Knowing each other's office hours is only the first step to a great relationship, going back to communication, you should have preferred methods of contact and a communication contingency set in place to make sure an important phone call is never missed.

Whilst this is no means an exhaustive list of the qualities of a great virtual assistant, these are the top 5 and everything else stems from mastery of these. Here at Callnovo, we know the ins and outs of the digital industry and we've used these important qualities in everything we do.
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